Coolin' Out


Chase Your Fears (Feat. Jeff Ortiz, Angelo, and Manny)

On this week's episode Jarel, Kev, and Sal sit down with actor, entertainer, and prankster, Jeff Ortiz (@jefftheprankster), Angelo the artist (@angelowriver) and Manny the actor (@thisyamanns). They begin by highlighting their respective passions (2:00), how they got started in their respective fields (8:00), Jeff's early struggles in the beginning (22:30), Angelo's clothing line Conquer (@conquerclothing) and the motivation behind it (28:30), Manny's ideal role and where he wants to be in five years (36:00). Then, Jeff, Angelo, and Manny name their influences (43:00), the motivation of perfection and its elusiveness (57:30). Finally, Jeff asks the Coolin Out guys about how they perceive themselves compared to how they think the world perceives them (1:12:00). Conquer Clothing- MyNameIsJeff JeffthePrankster Rate and subscribe