Coolin' Out


Game of Patience (Feat. Gabe Mebratu)

Jarel, Kev, Sal and their guest, SWM Lenox founder, Gabe Mebratu (@swmlemox) begin by reacting to news that the officer who killed Philando Castile, was acquitted of all charges (1:00). Then, Gabe discusses what it was like living in Oakland and then D.C. (9:00), his motivation to become a designer (12:30), the significance ofSWM Lenox(14:30), the challenge of breaking through (17:30), difficulties of getting him on the pod before (19:30), Gabe's creative process towards designing clothes (24:00), brands that inspired him (31:00), his hardest challenge when designing (37:30), the importance of patience (43:30), what the number 7 on Gabe's hats signify(45:00), and the scariness of not progressing in life (48:00). Transitioning to music, Gabe discusses his favorite projects of the year so far (54:00), his thoughts on Wale (56:00), Drake and Meek Mill beef (1:00:00), XXL Freshmen Cover (1:05:00) and favorite west coast rappers (1:10:30). Finally, the guys and Gabe discuss the Warriors path to their latest title (1:11:00), Kevin Durant's move (1:15:00), and Gabe's Oakland Raiders (1:19:00). Support Gabe's clothing line: We also launched our YouTube channel: