Coolin' Out


Passion Over Profit (Feat. J.Lewis)

Jarel, Kev, and Sal are joined by tattoo artist J.Lewis (@art_addictionz) to first talk about his roots and how he got into tattooing (1:00). Then, J.Lewis discusses the differences stylistically between tattooing in Orlando and New York (10:00), craziest tattoos he’s ever done and the weirdest request he had to turn down (17:00), what he’s learned over the course of his seven years as a tattoo artist (23:00), importance of focusing on your craft (33:00), what a typical day entails (40:00), how he spends his personal time (52:00), what inspired him to become a vegan (1:01:30), essentials for aspiring tattoo artists (1:11:00) and upcoming projects he’s working on (1:13:00). Check out his website-