Coolin' Out



Jarel, Kev, and Sal are joined this week by Chicago’s very own YourFrends comprised of Thee Unique, Tyler, and Franchika (@yourfrendsofficial). The guys begin by discussing YourFrends roots in Chicago (1:00), their motivations for making music (6:00), how Chance the Rapper played a part in the group coming together (13:00), YourFrends creative process (20:00) and Tyler explains how he got into producing and hip hop (25:00). Then, YourFrends discuss how "Chicago Kid" came together (32:00), their place in the Chicago music hierarchy (35:00), how their sound’s evolved (36:00), what they hope to accomplish with their debut project (40:00), and YourFrends give a live performance of “Chicago Kid” (45:00). Finally, they give their thoughts on Kanye West (51:30) and list their musical influences (56:00)