Coolin' Out


California Love/Early NBA Overreactions

No Sal this week as Jarel (@jarellamar)and Kev (@k1250) hold it down themselves. They start by catching up on what’s been going on in Kev’s life (0:45), Jarel’s trip to Los Angeles (3:00), motivation to live a bicoastal life (5:00), atmosphere of the social scene in LA (8:00), Jarel’s thoughts on seeing the LA Clippers in person (14:00), pros and cons of New York and Los Angeles (19:00) and the challenges of balancing your time as a young professional (27:00). Then, we discuss Chris Paul’s ESPN documentary and why he chose the Rockets (32:00), how Paul stacks up with the other PGs in the league (42:00), how the three stars on OKC of meshed so far (47:00), early thoughts on the bored Warriors (50:00), Wade’s move to the bench (52:00), and Giannis’ early dominance (53:00). Finally, we give our thoughts on Kyrie on the Celtics (54:00) and Lebron’s stellar play early despite being “out of shape” (55:00).