Coolin' Out


Lotta 'Bout Nada (Feat. EJ Rivera)

The infamous E.J. Rivera (@ej_riv) is back on Coolin’ Out and he did not disappoint. The guys and E.J. discuss the meaning of office etiquette (1:00), status of EJ’s Sacramento Kings ten months of the Demarcus Cousins trade (7:00), who’s in a better position moving forward between the Kings and the Knicks (14:50), decline of the NFL (26:30), their respective first kisses (35:00), when’s it too old to party (40:40), two insane urban legends (49:00), how they would react based on the first urban legend scenario (1:03:30), television and movies EJ’s been watching (1:08:00) and what the guys and EJ would do during a zombie apocalypse (1:15:00). Finally, they pay their respects to Roy Halladay (1:20:00).