Coolin' Out


When Detroit Meets Harlem (Feat. Tonia Moses)

Jarel, Kev, and Sal are joined by talented singer and songwriter Tonia Moses (@toniamusic). The guys begin by discussing Tonia’s roots in Detroit (2:30), the first time she realized she could sing (4:00), how her voice type has expanded over time (10:30), the transition from performing to recording music (13:00), her creative process (16:30), her inspiration to move from Detroit to New York (23:00), importance of songwriting (28:30) and her first two months in NYC (30:00). Then, they talk about how Tonia takes care of her voice (36:00), thoughts on melodic rappers (41:00), Drake (43:00), musical inspirations (47:00), connecting to live music vs recorded music (52:00), singers the guys like today (57:00) and Tonia gives an amazing rendition of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” (1:09:00). Finally, the guys and Tonia share what they’re all thankful for (1:14:00). Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! Check out Tonia this Friday, November 24th at the Gin Fizz in Harlem at 8PM. Tonia’s music- New vids up now at Coolin’ Out Pod YouTube page