Coolin' Out


Live, Love, and Cool Out (Feat. Brandon “SNGDNC” Mellette & Dalliana Toussaint)

WE’RE BACKKKKK!!! For the first episode of 2018, the guys are joined by actor, musician, and artist, Brandon “SNGDNC” Mellette (@sngdnc) & ButtterflyLOVE founder, Dalliana Toussaint ( First, the guys and Brandon discuss his various creative endeavors (2:00), Uhurunow web series (5:00), latest album “PLAYMYSNGDNC” (9:00), importance of imagery with his music (14:00), and how being a vegan helps his day to day (19:00). Then, Dalliana speaks on her brand, Butterfly Love (26:00), the motivation to create her own body care products (31:00), and both her and Brandon speak to what sparks the level of creativity in them including the role Michael Jackson played (33:00). After, Brandon gets back on the mic to speak on his creative influences (41:00). Finally, Brandon, Dalliana, and the guys have a wide-ranging conversation on how blacks are portrayed on television, the resurgence of black sitcoms on television, the pros and cons of corporations profiting from the culture, why black people look to awards like the Oscars, Grammys, etc instead of creating our own, using corporations for leverage to do your own thing, and the power of social media to go direct to consumer before Brandon gives the room an incredible acapella (46:00). New vids up now at Coolin’ Out Pod YouTube page