Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith


Dee Rettali: Baking with Fortitude

Season 8, Ep. 6

This week, Gilly talks the politics and culture of cake and bread with craft baker at Fortitude Bakehouse, Dee Rettali who was one of the first people to bring biodynamic, organic foods to London in the mid '90s. She's also made cakes for Madonna and Prince Charles, so famed is she for the sustainability and craft she puts in the mix. She founded Patisserie Organic in 1998 and her Soho-born coffee and sandwich shop Fernandez & Wells blazed a trail way before the boho bakeries and hipsters made real bread cool. Her book, Baking with Fortitude takes its name from her bakery chain, Fortitude Bakehouse but decribes a woman with grit in her belly.

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