Cook Eat Run


The Benefits of Running with Others

Season 2, Ep. 13

We're missing running clubs, group runs, parkrun and races... but there's more to the running community than just the accountability we get from running with others. In this episode I chat with Mark West (@run4mh) and Mark Speed from Runners Need about group running and why it's such an important part of their running journey. We chat about;

  • virtual races
  • marathons
  • mental health
  • parkrun
  • the benefits of running with others
  • how to find people to run with
  • Run Talk Run
  • running after Covid
  • Brooks Run Happy Team

If you've been struggling at all with your mental health recently, this episode if a must listen. Mark West is a mental health first aider with the NHS and we discuss Run Talk Run, Talking Therapies and the impact of covid on our running.

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