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Stress Eating...How Food Impacts Our Mood & Mental Health

Season 1, Ep. 8

NOTE - This was recorded prior to Coronavirus Lockdown.

This episode focuses on food and nutrition in mental health and how it all links together. I chat with Tanya Kumar, a Registered Performance Nutritionist, she also has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science plus a Masters in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. She has worked for top level athletes including professional boxers, golfers, cyclists and footballers. In her spare time, she puts all this into practice by climbing, running, boxing, skiing and playing golf. Find her at TKXNutrition

How does food affect our mood and mental health? 

Why do we get ourselves into the ‘eat crap/feel crap’ cycle and how can we break it?

Many people feel guilty straight after eating ‘unhealthy’ things which can take away the enjoyment of eating. How can we let go of that guilt? 

Why do we have such an emotional connection to the food we eat? 

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