Cook Eat Run


Lets Talk Egg Freezing & IVF

Season 2, Ep. 15

This chatty episode with Evgenia Koroleva, ultramarathoner, founder of OneLDN and creator of The Curve Transformation (the first Female Body Transformation program designed for you around your menstrual cycle). At 34 Evgenia decided to freeze her eggs to give her options, 'options to have babies later in life, for those of us who are still keen to pursue our careers; options to adult a little bit later; options to not settle for a partner who is less that what we deserve and options to have babies just coz we want to and its a part of our DNA as a woman to create new life, even if we don’t find a person to do it with, and at a stage of our life when we would feel a lot more financially secure.'

We discuss how the medications felt, the injections, costs of treatment and timeframes to egg freezing/IVF.

Whilst this isn't the typical running content found on the Cook Eat Run podcast, I hope you find it interesting, informative and can share it with others who may benefit from listening.

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