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Trail Running & Wild Swimming

Season 2, Ep. 10

Elise Downing ran 5000 miles around Great Britain carrying everything she needed on her back in 2015, and although her adventures have been a little closer to home since then, they have taken her to trails, rivers and lakes across the UK.

In this episode she shares how to she prepared (or rather, didn't) for her epic run, shares her top kit picks including

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  • 15. Lets Talk Egg Freezing & IVF

    This chatty episode with Evgenia Koroleva, ultramarathoner, founder of OneLDN and creator of The Curve Transformation (the first Female Body Transformation program designed for you around your menstrual cycle). At 34 Evgenia decided to freeze her eggs to give her options, 'options to have babies later in life, for those of us who are still keen to pursue our careers; options to adult a little bit later; options to not settle for a partner who is less that what we deserve and options to have babies just coz we want to and its a part of our DNA as a woman to create new life, even if we don’t find a person to do it with, and at a stage of our life when we would feel a lot more financially secure.'We discuss how the medications felt, the injections, costs of treatment and timeframes to egg freezing/IVF. Whilst this isn't the typical running content found on the Cook Eat Run podcast, I hope you find it interesting, informative and can share it with others who may benefit from listening.
  • Could slowing down help you run faster?

    Running coach and the runner behind Run to the Finish, Amanda Brooks chats about her experience with Low Heart Rate training, how slowing down can help you run faster (especially over half-marathon, marathon and ultra distances!) and the best way to get started. We discuss the pros and cons of LHR training, the best HR monitors and why now could be the perfect time to give it a go! Click here to find out more about the Run to the Finish online group running group and 1:1 run coaching with Amanda and her team. Find Amanda Brooks on instagram and at
  • 13. The Benefits of Running with Others

    We're missing running clubs, group runs, parkrun and races... but there's more to the running community than just the accountability we get from running with others. In this episode I chat with Mark West (@run4mh) and Mark Speed from Runners Need about group running and why it's such an important part of their running journey. We chat about; virtual racesmarathons mental health parkrun the benefits of running with others how to find people to run with Run Talk Run running after CovidBrooks Run Happy Team If you've been struggling at all with your mental health recently, this episode if a must listen. Mark West is a mental health first aider with the NHS and we discuss Run Talk Run, Talking Therapies and the impact of covid on our running. Please leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show, and don't forget to subscribe!
  • 12. NHS ICU Physio & 2.37 Marathoner Anna Boniface

    Anna Boniface is an NHS ICU physio working with COVID patients during the day, and trains as an elite runner outside of her day job. She ran a 2.37 at the London Marathon in 2017, finishing as the first non-elite woman and later represented England at the Toronto Marathon. We chat about; keeping easy runs easy REDS and eating disorderscoming back from injury life on the ICU wardsIf you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe to Cook Eat Run and leave a rating and review. This episode is sponsored by Brooks and Runners Need.
  • 11. Is Running Bad for Your Knees?

    How many times have you been told, 'stop running, it's bad for your knees'? I get to the bottom of this, plus chat about how we as runners can protect our bone and joint health as we train (and age!) with Osteopath Rebecca from Balanced Osteopathy, and Sophia, an NHS Registered Dietitian. What should we be eating for optimum bone health? How can we avoid and treat shin splints? Should we be worried if our joints click when we exercise? What supplements should we be taking? Runners Knee - what is it, and how can we treat it? Follow Balanced Osteopathy for in person and online treatment. Please leave a rating and review, and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. Follow Charlie @therunnerbeans and This episode is sponsored by Runners Need and Brooks Running.
  • 9. Ultra Running with Sophie Power

    If you have no intention of running an ultra marathon...don't speak to Sophie Power. Chatting with her will inspire you, help you trust in yourself and believe that you can achieve anything you want! Sophie became world famous when a photo of her breastfeeding her 3 month old son during the UTMB race went viral. In this episode she shared the message she wanted to convey with this photo, why she's so keen to get women to partake in ultra races and how she balances motherhood, work and training. Follow Sophie @ultra_sophie and This episode is sponsored by Runners Need and Brooks. I'd love you to leave a rating and review of the podcast if you enjoyed it - and don't forget to subscribe!
  • 8. Injury Prevention for Runners

    I chat with Head of Running at Digme Fitness on his approach to training, his recommendations for creating a training plan to help you become the strongest runner you can be. We chat about what strength training we should be doing, common training mistakes in newbie (and veteran) runners and how we can all adapt to the current situation. Ben talks about how he got his start in fitness at Virgin Active as a PT 12 years ago, before working with Joe Wicks at The Body Coach writing workouts and delivering workouts. My favourite takeaway from this episode was Ben's advice to 'get fit to run', rather than running to get fit. Changing our approach to running by looking at our strength training and mobility as a way to improve our running and prevent injury. Find Ben at Move with Ben on instagram
  • 7. What Sports Bra is Best for Running?

    I am so passionate about women wearing the right sports bra to run...too many are wearing the wrong size, wrong support level or worse still...having to double up on bras to run! I chat with Helen Spalton Brooks Running Apparel Merchandising Manager EMEA and Jessie Watts, Runners Need clothing and accessories buyer to share their expertise to help you pick the right bra for you! How to Buy a Sports Bra for Running Brooks Running Bra Finder Follow charlie @therunnerbeans I would love you to subscribe to the podcast, and leave a rating and review to help others find the show!