Conversations on Gender Identity

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  • 4. Reflections

    In this episode we reflect on the past episodes and note our main take-aways. Our challenges were mainly the difficult literature, sitting down with people you do not agree with and fear of being rude, toxic or even cancelled. In general, we learnt that there is a difference between agreeing and understanding and that having a neutral conversation in a neutral space decreases the toxicity. Lastly, our main take-away is that we should be as respectful and accommodating as possible for those who have to deal with the difficulties of living the trans experience every day. 

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  • 3. On Kathleen Stock, Truth and Self-id

    In this episode we have a conversation with professor John Collins (UEA) about his ideas in the gender identity debate. John defines sex and gender, defends fellow professor Kathleen Stock, expresses his idea of no-debate and the irrelevance of truth, as well as the role of social media in the toxicity of the debate and idea of no-debate, the truth being irrelevant, and ideas of self-id. 
  • 2. The Gender/Sex Divide and Trans Youth

    In this episode, we have a conversation with Debbie Hayton about her stance on the debateas a trans person. Debbie is a physics teacher who writes columns for the platform UnHerd about why self-id is not beneficial for the trans community and how we can best protect trans youth.
  • 1. The Trans Experience

    In this introductory episode we introduce ourselves as students and reflect on the discussions we had with our fellow AUC students. We attempt to voice the ideas of AUC students on the topic of gender identity and academic freedom. We discuss the idea of no-debate, debating the livelihood of people and about maintaining a respectful mindset towards anyone we talk to about the topics of gender identity.