Conversation Again

  • 5. Hallway Conversation, Local UMC Churches

    In this final episode, Charla argues the Progressive position. She explains the key theological tenets upon which this position is based. At the end of the episode, the reflection questions provide a chance for further conversation.
  • 4. Hallway Conversation, Local UMC Churches

    The United Methodist Church has been seen as a “big tent” church. Differing ideas, opinions and convictions have lived together since the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1968. This is due, in large part, to the Centrist position. Charla argues this position, naming it as an actual position. Centrists are not just those who just go along to get along. Reflection questions once again provide opportunities for further conversations.
  • 3. Hallway Conversation, Local UMC Churches

    Can you argue a position other than your own? In this episode, Charla argues the Traditionalist position. She is indebted to gracious friends of hers who hold this view, willing to offer her insights into why this view is persuasive for them. Again, reflection questions are placed at the end to aid in conversations you might be having with friends.
  • 2. Hallway Conversation, Local UMC Churches

    Every local United Methodist Church faces the possibility of disaffiliation, being released from denominational ties to become an independent congregation. It wasn’t a request from anyone in Charla's local church but now that the possibility exists, conversation ensues. Most of these conversations happen in the hallways as a larger forum has not yet been provided. Charla offers reflection questions at the end of the episode, hoping to contribute to more fruitful hallway conversations.
  • 1. Hallway Conversation, Local UMC Churches

    Charla Gwartney returns to discuss an ever-present conversation in her local church, disaffiliation. In this first episode, she moves from the initial question of disaffiliation to the consequences of making a decision. She illustrates three prevailing positions toward the LGBTQ community within the United Methodist Church and provides a verse from scripture that focuses the conversation on God’s desire for followers to remain unified.
  • 33. Praying Out Loud

    We are missing a wonderful gift when we avoid praying out loud. Want to learn how? This podcast will offer guidance.
  • 32. Desire

    How does desire work in our lives? This gift requires careful attention as we align our desires with God.
  • 31. Done with Church

    Church hasn’t fared so well in the pandemic. But, it might be worth a conversation about why church matters more than our preferences.
  • 30. Stretcher Bearers

    Don’t miss the gift of friends who will carry you to the feet of Jesus when you can’t get there on your own. This podcast leaves us looking for friends like that.