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Living Pintentionally with Ally Davis

Season 1, Ep. 39

Pinterest is a business tool; it can be your number one traffic generator like it is for one of Ally Davis' clients - who is an Instagram manager.

That says something about the power of Pinterest, doesn't it?

And if you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest, you go directly to the Pinterest Queen and author of Oooh, Pinteresting! Ally Davis.

Ally tells about her need to reshape her career and to refocus her efforts after illness uprooted her life. She is funny, charming and utterly passionate about Pinterest as you'll learn in today's interview.

Key Points:
  • From Corporate Girl to Pinterest Queen (5:55)
  • Oooh, Pinteresting!: How the book came about (7:56)
  • The Book Writing Process: Have a plan! (11:21)
  • Writing Advice (13:31)
  • Quirky for the Win! (15:26)
  • Results: Pinterest can be your number one traffic generator
  • What Not to Say to a Pinterest Strategist (19:07)
  • Most Popular Pinterest Questions (20:50)
  • Pinterest & Data (23:43)
  • No One is You, That is Your Superpower (29:03)

Also mentioned:

All things Ally Davis:

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