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5 Benefits That PR Gives Your Business No Matter the Industry or Size

Season 1, Ep. 86

Public relations takes strategy, skill, hard work and a bit of luck so it makes sense that you'd want to be sure of a payoff before investing your time, effort and maybe even your money. This episode outlines 5 key benefits - and a heck of a lot more - the PR can provide your business, no matter the size, industry, or turnover.

Key Points:
  • Visibility: how do you create relationships if no one knows you exist? (2:15)
  • Credibility: enables you to increase your prices and bring in new people (3:59)
  • Identity: if you don't already have this crystal clear, PR will make it happen (7:16)
  • Longevity: who's in business for the short-term? (10:14)
  • Boost SEO: PR makes you more searchable (11:35)
  • More (knock-on) benefits explained (12:41)

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