Connecting Soul Beings


5: Your Story Needs To Be Told

Ep. 5

"It is so important for all of us to start tapping into that part of us that we can't necessarily see. That part of us that we don't necessarily understand and to really tap into those spiritual realms that give us the energy, the wisdom and the beautiful messages that we can use

in our everyday life to help us to truly be that person, be that being that we are. Particularly now, with everything that's happening in the world, we have been forced to come out of a place of doing, to move to a place of being. We are all forced to just be quiet, be by ourselves. Only then can we allow ourselves to go inward, through meditation, yoga or simply sit in the back yard, or go for a walk or run outside. We are forced to review who we are, right now. I know a lot of people are struggling and I know that we are now being put in a place beyond our control, as our governments are forcing us to be distant from each other, in a physical sense, however we are connecting more in a social sense. I would love to hear how you are doing that. How are you currently connecting to yourself and how are you currently identifying your beautiful abilities, your purpose and what you can do in the world with these."

As there are many new followers and members in the last couple of months, I thought to introduce myself and share a little about me in the hope this may inspire you to do the same! The world is ready to get to know you and hear your story through your own voice!

Share in the comments below, or contact me via FB Messenger, Instagram DM, email or phone, and let's get your voice out in the open!

Stay connected, with love and grace!


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2: Numerology, Astrology for You and your Pet, with Tameera Kemp

Ep. 2
OUR GUEST is the wonderful TAMEERA KEMP and it is my honour to introduce her.Tameera is an Intuitive, Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional specialising in compatibility, relationships, life direction, career, travel, home energies, fertility, baby names and name changes. Her mission is helpyoulive your best life.With 20+ years experience, Tameera is a full-time Astrologer, Master Numerologist and Feng Shui professional. She teaches regular workshops in Sydney and consults worldwide via Skype and provides amazing personal astrology charts and reports.Tameera developed the first Astrology Numerology Guide and Calendar (called the Moon Lovers Guide), which launched December 2018 to help people understand the energies worldwide.She has a special interest in developing online resources to empower more people worldwide and likes to call herself a soulpreneur.SUMMARYIn this wonderful conversation we talk about all things numerology, feng shui and astrology for you and your pet. She even went through my birthday, and spoke about our pets, and how we can also learn from their astrology chart.TAMEERA'S GOLDEN NUGGET During mercury retrograde which occurs 3 times a year for 3 weeks do not sign contracts, buy a new car or go on new dates! New Moons are great for setting intentions and starting new projects, full moons magnify whatever is going on in your life!Exact dates are listed in Tameera's Moon Lovers Guide for 2020 (with exact moon times for Sydney, New York, LA and London) – save to your notes section on phone for daily inspiration, to your computer and or print! Just $7AUD - with amazing guidance for your whole year.Stay in flow by working with your personal numerology year. Remember this is adding the day you're born, the month you're born to the current year. This can also help you understand where partners and friends are at.HOW YOU CAN CONTACT TAMEERA:Follow Tameera here: Website Facebook Instagram LinkedInIf you'd like to book in with Tameera go to and enter the code stardust15 at checkout for a special 15% off your first consultation with Tameera.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Tameera.Stay connected, with love & grace.Bianca.