Connecting Soul Beings

Connecting Soul Beings Podcast (#CSBPodcast) is hosted by Bianca de Reus, the Soul Connector. #CSBPodcast offers you inspiration, tips and learning about soul-to-soul connection, self-leadership, spiritual awakening, animal communication and all other things metaphysical.

Connecting Soul Beings Podcast helps you tune into the language of the soul, inspiring you to gain a deep, intuitive understanding of your inner self, the animal kingdom, your guides, your spiritual abilities and Source. By sharing her own knowledge, experience and wisdom, Bianca also brings spiritual leaders, energy healers, and awakened humans together, so we are able to collaborate and raise the energy, the vibration, on this planet. We help you and other listeners become more connected, feeling loved and joyful by being free to be who they are. CSB Podcast provides clear direction on how to truly connect, soul-to-soul.

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Bianca de Reus

Bianca is the Soul Connector and host of the Connecting Soul Beings Podcast; Bridging Spirit and Humanity. Bianca awakens the awareness to self love & joy through soul connection. She consciously aligns Souls to Soul. She helps you elevate your spiritual abilities, by connecting with your inner self, your guides, the animal kingdom, ancestral lineage & Source. Bianca brings clarity by guiding you to trust in your intuition. She is a lover of animals, an intuitive Mentor, Animal Communicator, Medium, author & speaker.