The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show


These things dont run on magical unicorn juice; they run on diesel!

Season 2, Ep. 7

Today we approach the Wallace Memorial Microphone to do a car episode, with special guest star mechanic Nick Laborde, the wealth of knowledge owner of Nick's Auto Repair.

We discuss:

The Nexcel, which aims to replace a simple oil change with an evil printer-cartridge-like gizmo that's computer-controlled and force you to buy their brand of oil.

The billions of dollars that could be made by selling a Corvette SUV... and the heritage that would be destroyed if it happens

Recalls that fix what the last recall broke, and recalls to fix what those recalls broke

Recall fatigue

How wireless update attacks will soon plague cars

The Corvette Flying Frunk debacle, and how GM is blaming customers for shoddy latches

Good news from Mazda, Nissan, and Ford about keeping good simple retro cars alive

The shop class instructor who teaches kids to electrify old cars

The John Deere right-to-repair scandal

A company that tears down a car and sells their findings to its competing automakers

The VW Dieselgate scandal: Why didn't they order them to put that money toward something good?

The 1970s VW ethos of not reinventing the wheel

The single mom who couldn't afford to put tires on her car because she had to buy a new catalytic converter to pass inspection

The massive need for young people to enter auto repair and other trades

"The industry is a casino and the auto manufacturers are the house."

"I shake my head so much that I think I have two bad discs because of it."

"I remove more rodents than the Orkin man."

...and many more quotable quotes from Nick!

Hope you're glued to your speakers throughout the show. I know I was!

Thanks to Xela for the music.

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