The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show


The Wu Tang Clan stole my lunch from the breakroom

Season 2, Ep. 6

On today's episode we're joined by special guest Mike Ortiz of Gotham Podcast Studio, and we discuss:

How he helps people start their own podcasts (including this one!)

His encounters with celebrities, including the time when the Wu Tang Clan took his lunch from the breakroom

The day Verizon bought the two dumpster-fires known as AOL and Yahoo, combined to create one giant cesspool of clickbait articles, and then wrote off half their value

How young people don't even know how to get their photos back from the iCloud One-Way Street

How prosecutors find photos on social media to show how unrepentant some drunk drivers are

The unknown fact that there's more to life than Trump and Covid

How you really ought to "cleanse" your Facebook posts from when you were young

Bonus bonus: Stay tuned to the very end for the mic test deleted scene!

Thanks to Nolan Derosia for the music!

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