The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show


Scaring kids and dogs with your car alarm

Season 2, Ep. 4

In this episode, Sgt. Tim returns to sideswipe Marc's angry articles with his sublime wisdom and humor.

We discuss:

People willingly giving up their freedom to Alexa surveillance devices

The US Dept of Defense requiring its contractors to use open standards (FINALLY!), ensuring that their battleships and fighter jets won't be outdated arbitrarily by scummy proprietary schemes.

The startling turnaround of Opel, rescued from 20 years of losses by Carlos Tavares.

"Temporal Appropriation", Marc's new term for auto companies resurrecting an old marque, simply to trash its reputation by creating a plasticky, sensor-ridden impostor unworthy of its heritage.

Marc invents the term (and threatens to become) "80s Amish", where we refrain from all technology except that which we had during the 1980s, because that stuff wasn't evil.

The demise of real human customer support, the rise of anti-empowered support agents living in chicken coops, and how to bypass the evil AI phone autoattendants that are designed to frustrate people to the point of hanging up.

Music provided by the multi-talented Tommy Gravino!

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