The Computer Exorcist Bonus Show


"60 million tons of e-waste"

Season 2, Ep. 3

I have to admit I scheduled this interview before I realized it was Earth Day... but hey, it worked out really well!

In this episode we interview Cassidy Putney of Impact Earth Roc, a new waste management company that does things a bit better. Today we talk about:

AI trash cans that take themselves to the curb

Throwaway HP printers floating in the oceans

Sonos speakers, Apple AirPods, and HP ink cartridges that are designed to stop working after a certain date

"Smart cities" where Toyota monitors your health with robots, vs. "Dumb cities" whose porous concrete roads absorb water in order to prevent floods

The 60 million tons of e-waste that is estimated to be discarded in 2021 alone

and finally: 1950s washing machines that will outlive all this stuff!

Thanks to SMSHNG HRTS for the rockin music, and as always thanks to Gotham Podcast Studio.

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