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Nonprofits, Tech Communities, Wordpress, Diversity, and Social Learning with Birgit Pauli-Haack

Season 1, Ep. 24

Since 1998 Birgit Pauli-Haack has worked with nonprofits as a web developer, a technology strategist, a trainer and community organizer. She founded Pauli Systems, LC in 2002, now a team of six. It is a 100% distributed company. Since 2010, her team has used WordPress to build new nonprofit sites and applications. In her spare time, Birgit serves as a deputy with the WordPress Global Community team, as a WordPress Meetup organizer and a Tech4Good organizer.

In this episode, Travis and Birgit talk:

  • How Her Story Started
  • Community Experiences and Nonprofits
  • Tech Communities
  • Wordpress
  • Diversity
  • Social Learning
  • What Really Matters

*Transcript provided by Pauli Systems*

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Pauli Systems

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