The Coming Out Tapes

  • 14. In Conversation with Open Barbers (Part 2)

    We return to our conversation with Open Barbers. To support the shop and this episode's guests through these unprecedented times, check out their gofundme.
  • 13. In Conversation with Open Barbers (Part 1)

    The first part of our two episode conversation with Open Barbers, the revolutionary and inclusive hairdressers for all lengths, genders and sexualities. In it, you will hear stories from Adae (they), Felix (he), Greygory (he), Tobi (they), and Toddy (she).
  • 12. Bi Pride (Part 2)

    In this episode we continue our conversation about Bi Pride, this time with Vaneet who shares his experiences from internalised biphobia to bisexual activist. We also talk about his new film Pride & Protest, made by Rainbow Films and produced, edited and directed by Blaise Singh. You can see more of Vaneet's work here.
  • 11. Bi Pride (Part 1)

    A recording of the panel Saying Good-bi to the Closet from Bi Pride UK 2019. The panel features Emily Eaton, Sharan Dhaliwal, and Rhammel O'Dwyer-Afflick who shared their experience, opinions and jokes.
  • 11. Brief interlude

    There is no episode this week (sorry) because we've been hard at work on this project - creating a podcast about the history of eugenics at UCL. Give it a listen, why don't you. Also, check out Mikaela's music if you have enjoyed the music from this season!
  • 10. Retrospective Identities (Part 2)

    In this episode we continue our conversation about sharing the stories of LGBTQ+ people from the past. This time with the incredible Ellie Armstrong who shares her thought process behind the project Queering the Science Museum (supported by a British Society for the History of Science OEC Project Grant).
  • 9. Retrospective Identities (Part 1)

    In this episode we talk to Dan Vo about the LGBTQ+ tours at the V&A Museum, growing up gay and Vietnamese in Australia, and how historians might talk about LGBTQ+ identities when discussing people from the past.
  • 8. Required Reading (Part 2)

    This week we chat to comedian and scientist Sarah Jones and she reads us more extracts of lesbian detective novels.Features work by Claire McNab and Pat Welch.
  • 7. Required Reading (Part 1)

    In this episode we talk to Dr Xine Yao (cohost of PhDivas) about the politics of the femme identity, Jason Mraz and lesbian doctor novels from the 19thC.