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Comfort Blanket

Pride and Prejudice - with Abigail Burdess

Season 3, Ep. 2

Writer and actor Abigail Burdess (Mother's Day, Mitchell & Webb) talks about the comforts of the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and talks about the invention of the romcom, and whether Jane Austen is the most successful comedy writer ever.

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  • 15. Don't Look Now - with Danny Robins

    Writer and broadcaster Danny Robins (Uncanny, 2:22 A Ghost Story) talks about the unexpected comforts of Nic Roeg's classic 1973 supernatural thriller Don't Look Now, a masterful study of how humans try and make sense of life, death and the unexplained.
  • 14. Withnail & I - with Jim Howick

    Actor and writer Jim Howick (Ghosts, Horrible Histories) talks about his love for Bruce Robinson's 1987 film 'Withnail & I', the studied debauchery of the striving, starving artist, its ache of regret for the 60s, and the strange, romantic comforts of desperation, booze and enormous herb-laced joints (lamb and otherwise).
  • 13. Rush - with Rufus Wright

    Actor Rufus Wright (Rogue One, Quantum of Solace, The Audience) talks about the comfort he gets from the often overlooked 1974 debut album by Canadian heavy prog rock trio Rush, and we share our thoughts on the appeal of heavy metal for teenage boys, the gawky magic of school bands, and the sweet horror of adolescent lyrics.
  • 12. The Good Place - with Bec Hill

    Comedian and writer Bec Hill (Makeaway Takeaway, Horror Heights, A Problem Squared) talks about the comforts of Michael Schur's philosophical afterlife sitcom The Good Place, and how comedy can tackle the really, really big stuff.
  • 11. Laurel & Hardy - with Andrew Male (PART TWO)

    The second part of our 2-part celebration of the sound shorts of Laurel & Hardy, with journalist Andrew Male (Sight & Sound, Mojo, Sunday Times), talking about Towed In A Hole, Their First Mistake, Them Thar Hills, and its sequel, Tit For Tat.Please do listen to part one first!
  • 10. Laurel & Hardy - with Andrew Male (PART ONE)

    Journalist Andrew Male (Sight & Sound, Sunday Times, Mojo) talks about the sound shorts of Laurel & Hardy, and the leap forward in comedy instigated by their unique, warm double act adapting to the new technology of sound.Part one of two, dealing with Stan and Ollie's craft, and looking at their Oscar winning 1932 short, The Music Box.
  • 9. Spider-Man - with Carrie Quinlan (PART TWO)

    PART TWO of actor and writer Carrie Quinlan talking about Spider-Man, and the endlessly retellable tale of the nerd-turned-neighbourhood superhero. This part talks in more depth about the latest Spider-Man film 'Across the Spiderverse'.If you haven't heard part one, please find it and start there!This is PART TWO of TWO.
  • 8. Spider-Man - with Carrie Quinlan (PART ONE)

    Actor and writer Carrie Quinlan (Home, Agendum, John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme) talks about her love of the comic character Spider-Man, in all his (and her, and its) incarnations, and what enables the story of the teenage nerd turned neighbourhood crime fighter to be endlessly reinvented, to provide life-long comfort for alienated kids, teens and grown-ups.This is part ONE of TWO.
  • 7. Pride - with Margaret Cabourn-Smith

    Comedy actor and podcaster Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Crushed, John Finnemore, Penny Dreadfuls) talks about the uplifting British comedy film Pride (2014) with its story of unlikely alliances and the power of unity, and the winner of an imaginary BAFTA for best White Writing At The End In A Motion Picture.