The Comedy Arcade


Bonus Episode - The Comedy Arcade International Women's Day Special

In this International Women's Day special, host Vix Leyton rounds up some of the funniest, most entertaining stories from the series so far.

Hilarious, honest, and exactly the right level of oversharing, from Zoe Lyons' ace celebrity chat up line, to Molly Mulshine's most embarrassing injury.

The voices you heard were...

Esyllt Sears (with Tiernan Douieb and Thom Tuck)

Sarah Keyworth, Kelly Welles (and Paul Watson)

Lulu Popplewell

Zoe Lyons

Maureen Younger and Esther Manito (with Thom Tuck)

Sikisa, Esyllt Sears and Leslie Ewing-Burgesse

Shappi Khorsandi, Sooz Kempner and Ilayda Arden

Grainne Maguire and Sooz Kempner (with Sam Rhodes)

Molly Mulshine, Sam Whyte (with Paul Mccaffrey)

...And International Men's day is 19th November. In case you were wondering (thanks Richard Herring!)

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