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We're All Out Of Shappi Cushions - with Shappi Khorsandi, Sooz Kempner & Ilayda Arden

Season 1, Ep. 2

Welsh comedian Vix Leyton invites Shappi Khorsandi, Sooz Kempner and Ilayda Arden to compete for points earned through telling the best stories around themes randomly generated by a bingo ball.

We established that Sooz hates Cats the Musical, but loves cats, the animals, Shappi once ghosted the queen, Ilayda gave us some secrets of the tarot and Vix repeatedly, accidentally dragged Ben from A1 for no apparent reason.

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Recorded at Spiritland studios, and edited by the amazing superpower, Emma Corsham.

The rules:

Guests can cheat the system through the use of 3 cheat cards:

New Balls - To veto the ball drawn

Double or Nothing - The chance to win double points if you are confident you will win the round, knowing that if you lose that they go to someone else

Fruit Machine - To be used just before the last round, the Fruit Machine card randomly reallocates the scores, so even if you're in last place, you could have the chance to come out on top with only one round left to play

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