The Comedy Arcade

Part game show and part chat show. Your host, London Welsh comedian Vix Leyton, holds an ever-changing numbered list of 30 possible subjects - from everyday to current affairs - and invites three comics to compete to take the mic with stories, anecdotes, jokes or even songs, like a parlour game at the best fantasy dinner party you could ever imagine.

The game - fun.

The rules - highly convoluted.

The laughs - constant.

Guests to play the arcade so far have included Sara Barron, Sikisa, Tiernan Douieb, Thom Tuck, John-Luke Roberts, Esyllt Sears, Esther Manito, John Robertson, Leslie Ewing-Burgesse , Sooz Kempner, Shappi Korsandi, Lulu Popplewell, Joz Norris, Sam Rhodes, Grainne Maguire & Ilayda Arden

Artwork by Studio.1440

Vix Leyton

A Welsh girl in London, Vix has been making big waves on the stand up scene since starting back in 2019. Described by one London comedy promoter as the ‘Princess of Petty’, she has been making up for lost time hosting sell out gigs in Limehouse, Soho, Angel, Shoreditch and her hometown of Cardiff. Chaotic, irreverent and endearing, the inventor of 'Comedy Arcade' that started on Twitch in Summer of 2020 and escalated quickly.