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DeWanda Wise Interview: Imaginary, Jurassic World, Captain Marvel & More

Season 7, Ep. 9

One of the greatest joys of Collider Ladies Night is welcoming a guest back to the show and celebrating how much they’ve accomplished in such a short period of time. That’s the case with DeWanda Wise. She was on Ladies Night for her very first franchise film, Jurassic World Dominion, in 2022 and now she’s back as the star and executive producer of a Blumhouse horror movie.

Wise headlines Imaginary as Jess, a woman who moves back into her childhood home with her husband Max (Tom Payne) and her stepdaughters, Alice (Pyper Braun) and Taylor (Taegen Burns). Soon after moving in, the youngest, Alice, develops an attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey. Jess and Max brush it off as a charming connection between a child and her imaginary friend, but when Chauncey’s scavenger hunt becomes increasingly sinister and dangerous, Jess is forced to accept the fact that Chauncey might be more than a stuffed toy, and he might also have a connection to her own long-forgotten past.

Check out this edition of Collider Ladies Night to hear all about Wise's experience starring in and executive producing Imaginary, where she thinks the Jurassic World franchise should go next, the nightmarish note she received while preparing for Captain Marvel, and loads more!

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  • 27. The Boys Interview: How Karen Fukuhara Went from Disney Movie Surfer to Superhero

    The Boys star Karen Fukuhara is a wonderful interview for a number of reasons. She’s a lovely person with a deep passion for her craft who’s got some stellar work to discuss. But, there’s another reason she’s such a treat to chat with. She’s got maximum respect for the press process because she once was a journalist herself — an entertainment journalist, in fact! While she’s clearly veered aware from that sector of the industry, her work in that realm has made a lasting impression so now, not only is she delivering big on screen, but she’s an ace at promoting that work too, so it was a true joy to get to welcome her to Collider Ladies Night in celebration of the Season 4 finale of The Boys.Fukuhara’s Kimiko has come a long way in the hit Prime Video series. She was introduced in Season 1 as a feral supe who’s especially violent. But fortunately, Tomer Capone’s Frenchie sees more in her, an inner truth that, with some warmth and kindness, could help her emerge from past trauma, find community, and become one of the most valuable components of The Boys in the process. Four seasons later, Kimiko remains a deadly force to be reckoned with, but one with a massive beating heart determined to do whatever it takes to keep her friends safe and make the world a better place by taking down Homelander (Antony Starr) and Vought.With The Boys Season 4 finale now available to watch on Prime Video, Fukuhara took the time to swing by the Collider Ladies Night studio for a lengthy chat recounting how she went from an aspiring journalist to becoming an actor in one of the hottest shows running right now.
  • 26. Maika Monroe Interview: Making Longlegs & It Follows 2 Details

    I hope you’re ready for a one-two punch of horror icons on Collider Ladies Night. Last week we put the spotlight on Mia Goth for the release of MaXXXine, and now we’ve got Longlegs headliner Maika Monroe who is, hands down, one of the most exciting voices in the horror space right now — and has been for a decade.It Follows completely changed the game for Monroe in 2014. The David Robert Mitchell-written and directed film featured a brilliant concept that was expertly executed, putting the project on the path to becoming a modern horror classic. That wasn’t the only 2014 release Monroe had that earned such high honors. She also starred in Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard’s The Guest, yet another beloved film festival gem that went on to be hailed as top-tier horror by the masses. And Monroe has not stopped excelling in the genre since. She consistently works with directing visionaries with bold and ambitious ideas, ideas that give Monroe opportunities to push boundaries in horror storytelling and challenge herself as an actor in that space. Not only is her latest in that department a big winner in every respect on screen, but the quality of the work seems to be paying off significantly. Longlegs is already setting records for its distributor, Neon, and is poised to take in $14 - $17 million for its debut weekend.Monroe leads Longlegs as Lee Harker, a new FBI agent who finds herself working on an especially gruesome case. Given her unusually adept perception, FBI veteran Agent Carter (Blair Underwood) recruits Lee to help him track down a serial killer with ties to the occult. In celebration of Longlegs’ nationwide release, Monroe swung by for a Collider Ladies Night interview to dig into how she carved out the perfect place for herself in Hollywood.
  • 25. Mia Goth Interview: Being a Scream Queen & Working Mom - MaXXXine

    A lot has changed for Mia Goth since the release of X in March 2022. She’s seen her star skyrocket. After a steady stream of impressive supporting credits in films like The Survivalist, A Cure for Wellness, Suspiria, and more, X finally got Goth her very first lead role in a feature film. Now, thanks to the X franchise, she’s headlined three — X, Pearl and MaXXXine — and the industry’s taken notice. Not only does she have two highly anticipated new projects on the way in Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein and the long-awaited Blade film with Mahershala Ali, but she’s essentially living Maxine Minx’s dream. She’s a certified Hollywood star and, finally, everyone knows her name.In the third, but maybe not final installment of the X trilogy, Goth returns as Maxine Minx. Maxine is the sole survivor of the 1979 farm bloodbath in Texas, and now she’s busy trying to make it in Hollywood in 1985. Maxine has stuck with the adult film industry and found a good deal of success there, but she’s eagerly awaiting her chance to show off her acting chops on the big screen, and she finally gets that chance thanks to director Elizabeth Bender (Elizabeth Debicki) who casts her as the lead in the horror film The Puritan 2. Maxine’s eager to give the project everything she’s got and become a star, but a distraction comes in the form of a serial killer who strikes a little too close to home.With MaXXXine now playing in theaters nationwide, Goth took the time to return to Collider Ladies Night and discuss how her career and craft have evolved since the making of X and Pearl, and how becoming a mother has changed her approach to the work as well.
  • 24. MaXXXine Interview: Elizabeth Debicki Gets Real About Lesser Known Acting Challenges

    MaXXXine may be the third film in a downright wild and blood-soaked horror series, but given the fact that the trilogy heavily pays homage to the evolution of cinema, there’s an abundance of very real connections one can make between the state of the industry depicted in these films and where things truly are at present. In fact, there’s one especially prominent one for Primetime Emmy nominee Elizabeth Debicki. In MaXXXine, she plays the only film director willing to take a chance on Mia Goth’s title character. As Debicki explained during our Collider Ladies Night conversation, finding filmmakers who believe in you is of the utmost importance to making it in Hollywood.After the events of X, MaXXXine follows Maxine Minx to Hollywood in the 80s where she plans to become a star. Maxine is convinced she’s got the talent and determination to make it in the movies, but given her notoriety in the adult film realm, getting her big break has been impossible — until she meets Debicki’s character, Elizabeth Bender. Even though the producers of Elizabeth’s new movie would rather not have Maxine headlining the film, Elizabeth believes in her and insists on giving her the opportunity.While many might be quick to highlight Baz Luhrmann as the person who took a chance on Debicki and sent her star soaring with The Great Gatsby, Debicki herself insists he’s not the only one. Yes, Luhrmann did give her her first lead role in a feature film, but Debicki insists directors taking a chance on actors never ends. “Yeah, you need to be good at your job, but it's also a real combination of timing and people believing in you enough to give you the job.”
  • 23. Kaya Scodelario Interview: From Skins to Netflix's The Gentlemen

    Getting a breakout role in film and television is the dream for many aspiring actors, but just as important are the projects one chooses to take after that breakout gig. Given the business’ habit of boxing artists into the first thing the world sees them do well, it can be a great challenge to amass a diverse body of work. How does one steer clear of those limitations and carve a path forward with volume and diversity? Perhaps by taking a cue from Kaya Scodelario.Scodelario’s star began to soar via her work as Effy Stonem in the hit British teen series, Skins. After doing four seasons of the show, Scodelario began to pick up other television and film credits, credits ranging from Hollywood blockbusters like 2010’s Clash of the Titans to Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights, which celebrated its big debut at the 2011 Venice Film Festival before going on to other top tier fests like the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance.Over a decade later, Scodelario still enjoys a vast range of work. She headlined the 2019 horror gem Crawl, jumped into a popular game franchise with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and then did the Christmas romantic comedy, This Is Christmas. Yet another vastly different standout credit on her resume? The new Guy Ritchie Netflix series, The Gentlemen, a kinetic crime comedy that's enjoying a good deal of Emmy buzz this season. Inspired by Ritchie’s 2019 film, The Gentlemen series stars Theo James as Edward Horniman. After his father passes, Eddie inherits the family estate and becomes Duke of Halstead. As if all that isn’t enough to process, Eddie is soon made aware that his father secretly made an arrangement with Bobby Glass’ (Ray Winstone) weed empire. If Eddie continues to let them grow their product below ground on his property, he'll get large sums of money in return, money Eddie needs given the state of the family farm and his brother’s (Daniel Ings) habit of accumulating massive debts with dangerous figures. The person in charge of this weed empire while Bobby is in prison? His daughter, Scodelario’s Susie Glass.In celebration of The Gentlemen’s successful Season 1 run, Scodelario joined me for an episode of Collider Ladies Night to retrace her steps from breaking out via Skins to starring in an acclaimed Guy Ritchie production.
  • 22. Melissa Benoist Interview: From Glee & Supergirl to The Girls on the Bus

    Melissa Benoist stepped into the Hollywood spotlight in a big way via Glee. Then she cemented herself as a bonafide star and headliner with Supergirl. Now she continues to broaden her range and her industry skill set by starring in and producing the hugely entertaining political drama, The Girls on the Bus.Created by Amy Chozick and Julie Plec, The Girls on the Bus is inspired by Chozick's memoir, Chasing Hillary. It follows four female journalists played by Benoist, Carla Gugino, Christina Elmore and Natasha Behnam, who are on the campaign trail with aspiring presidential candidates. They all have vastly different backgrounds and goals, but find themselves supporting one another as they navigate career pressures, personal challenges, and frustrations with flawed presidential hopefuls.As Collider’s Taylor Gates noted in her review, “[Girls on the Bus] handles serious topics, from sexism and racism to abortion and corruption, in a way that feels both raw and palatable while never taking away from the show’s watchability and enjoyability,” and I must agree. Powered by its perfectly assembled core four and their infectious charm, Girls on the Bus quickly earned my investment and heart. Given that, it’ll probably come as no surprise that the show’s cancellation was a massive disappointment. However, that’s not stopping Benoist from celebrating what she and the team achieved.Benoist took the time to join me for a Collider Ladies Night conversation to recap her road to Girls on the Bus, to discuss her collaboration with her three top-tier co-stars, and to explain why the show’s cancellation will have zero impact on how she looks back on the experience of making it and the final product she and the team produced.
  • 21. House of the Dragon Interview: Eve Best Teases the Last Scene She Filmed for Season 2

    Eve Best is an acting ace. She’s got loads of impressive screen credits to her name and is a theater legend with two Tony Award nominations, a Drama Desk Award win and a Laurence Olivier Award win as well. Now she’s an absolute force on HBO’s House of the Dragon. It probably goes without saying, she’s always been a dream guest for Collider Ladies Night, but a recent Ladies Night guest skyrocketed Best to being a top priority. While chatting with Jessica Gunning for Baby Reindeer, a performance that appears to have put her on the path to snagging an Emmy nomination, Gunning pinpointed an actor who made a major impression on her during the early days of her career. That actor? Eve Best. Soon after chatting with Gunning, interview opportunities for House of the Dragon Season 2 popped up, and I jumped on it.Best plays Rhaenys, the Queen Who Never Was, in the Game of Thrones prequel series. Despite having a number of qualities that’d make her an ideal leader, Rhaenys was passed over to succeed King Jaehaerys I for being a woman. She eventually comes to terms with the decision and attempts to serve Westeros valiantly as a dragon rider and as the wife of Lord Corlys Velaryon of Driftmark (Steve Toussaint). Despite Viserys (Paddy Considine) naming Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) his heir, Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney) takes the throne, solidifying the stark divide between the Greens, those who support Aegon, and the Blacks, those who continue to back Rhaenyra’s claim. As a member of Team Black, Rhaenys begins Season 2 doing what she can to keep her side safe while strategizing for all-out war.With House of the Dragon Season 2 kicking off its highly anticipated run on Sunday, June 16, I recently sat down with Best for a Ladies Night conversation to discuss how she’s honed her craft over the years, and Rhaenys’ approach to being a strong leader with war brewing in Westeros.
  • 20. Adria Arjona Interview: From Emerald City to Hit Man & Star Wars

    Adria Arjona has been showing off her impeccable craft and great range for years now, but Hit Man might be one of her most impressive performances of the bunch. She isn’t playing a femme fatale in the film, rather, she’s playing a woman playing a femme fatale to better suit what she thinks her new beau wants to see in a potential partner — which is exactly what he’s doing to her. It's a mighty complicated concept that demands the most refined screenplay and deft performances. Glen Powell headlines Richard Linklater’s Hit Man as the title character, in a sense. Powell’s Gary isn’t a hit man, but rather, a “hit man.” He’s a college professor who moonlights for the New Orleans Police Department by posing as a hit man in attempt to catch people trying to off an enemy. It turns out, Gary is quite good at the gig, effortlessly adapting his image to the type of hit man he thinks his target would best respond to. However, one target throws him for a loop — Arjona’s Madison. Madison is struggling with an abusive husband and sees no way out, so tries to hire Gary, posing as Ron, to kill him. Trouble is, Gary winds up falling for Madison, and she winds up falling for him, too — but as Ron.Hit Man is an utterly delightful and hugely entertaining neo-noir, one that required maximum precision to pull off. Powell isn’t the only one playing a person putting on a persona in the film. So is Arjona. Pulling off such a performance in a way that holds tight to the grounded challenges that put their characters in these positions is no easy task, but Arjona excels tackling the challenge. While Madison was likely a strong character on the page, there's no doubt that Arjona's work is what makes her soar.How’d Arjona acquire the skill set to genre jump, entertain and craft a deeply human character all at once? That’s exactly what we discussed during our Collider Ladies Night interview in celebration of the release of Hit Man, which is now available to stream on Netflix.
  • 19. Hazbin Hotel Interview: Erika Henningsen on Playing Charlie (& Being Charlie)

    There’s a multitude of reasons why Hazbin Hotel became Prime Video’s largest global debut for a new animated series. An especially big one, however? That voice cast. Creator Vivienne Medrano and her team hit it big casting every single character in the show, but there’s one in particular that’s a staggeringly perfect match; Erika Henningsenis Charlie Morningstar.Hazbin Hotel is largely set in Hell where Henningsen’s Charlie, the daughter of Lucifer (voiced by Jeremy Jordan), is fed up with Heaven’s treatment of the souls in Hell. Due to overpopulation, once a year, an army of angels led by Adam (Alex Brightman) swoop down from Heaven and exterminate as many sinners as possible. In an effort to save her people and give them the second chance she thinks they deserve, Charlie creates the Hazbin Hotel, a place where sinners can be rehabilitated and then ascend to Heaven. In celebration of Hazbin Hotel Season 1’s epic run on Prime Video, a run that sparked an enormous diehard fanbase and deserves some serious Emmy season love, Henningsen joined me for a Collider Ladies Night chat to revisit her road to Hazbin, to discuss her experience bringing Charlie to screen, and to tease what the future holds for the character.