Inside policing


What makes a good cop?

Ep. 3

People from across policing explore the question, 'What makes a good cop?'


Sgt Richard Horton (retired), Lancashire Constabulary, on what he'd expect from new recruits and officers in his team.

PC Michelle Wright, Greater Manchester Police, shares insight about her new career in the police.

Marcus Griffiths, Policing Standards Manager at the College, discusses ethics, professional standards and support available from the College.

Louise Hodgson, Head of Workforce Development at the College, talks about assessment and initial training.


01:13 Sgt Richard Horton

02:35 Super recognisers – special ability to recognise faces

02:40 Football spotter

02:43 Public order

02:51 DV domestic violence

03:27 Tutor con – tutor constable

03:47 Lawful use of coercive force

05:41 Officer and staff safety

06:57 PDR – professional development review

19:20 Professional standards

20:52 PC Michelle Wright

25:05 Mental health policing

29:05 Communication, engaging communities

32:53 Marcus Griffiths

33:51 Code of Ethics

36:36 National decision model

38:12 Guidance on outcomes of misconduct proceedings

39:01 Resources for reflective practice

41:40 Louise Hodgson

43:05 Competency and values framework (CVF)

45:40 Assessment process

47:12 Initial training for police constables

51:06 Evidence-based policing

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Wellbeing and health at work

Ep. 4
Episode recorded at the 2022 National Police Wellbeing Conference exploring the support that's available for police officers and staff.GuestsAndy Rhodes, Director of the College of Policing’s Oscar Kilo, National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS)Sergeant Garry Botterill, Sussex Police and NPWSChief Inspector Catherine Pritchard, Cheshire Constabulary and NPWSLiz Eades, Occupational Health Advisor, NPWSJohn Harrison, Senior Medical Advisor, NPWSZoe Davenport, Occupational Health Expert Support Officer, NPWSJulie Feakin, Consultant, NPWSEleck Dodson, Consultation, NPWSTimestamps00:29 Andy Rhodes06:14 Onboarding – how an organisation introduces and integrates new employees in the early stages of their employment06:39 Emotional intelligence07:56 Policing front line review10:06 Demand, capacity & welfare – Police Federation12:02 The nick – police station12:17 Police Mutual12:18 Occupational health13:00 Wellbeing outreach service13:46 Peter Kay – actor and comedian14:00 Sgt Garry Botterill14:09 Oscar Kilo 9: Wellbeing and trauma support dogs15:18 Service Dogs UK15:35 Dogs Trust18:04 Oxytocin – hormone that stimulates emotional connection and wellbeing18:10 Dopamine – chemical in the brain that influences mood and sensations of reward and motivation21:08 Contact Oscar Kilo21:40 CI Catherine Pritchard22:06 Grade 3 triple negative breast cancer26:58 Breast changes to look out for32:24 Cancer, work and you, Oscar Kilo38:16 Liz Eades, John Harrison, Zoe Davenport, Julie Feakin, Eleck Dodson46:15 Psychological risk assessment47:45 Foundation occupational health standards48:36 Blue light wellbeing framework50:12 Beating crime plan

Policing the pandemic

Ep. 2
People from across policing share their insight and learning from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.GuestsSergeant Riz Dala, Lancashire Constabulary, shares his experience of what it was like policing the pandemic as a frontline officer in Blackpool.Superintendent Hannah Wheeler QPM, Metropolitan Police Service and National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) PPE Lead, describes how she built a team to manage the procurement and supply of personal protective equipment for policing.Assistant Chief Constable Owen Weatherill, Strategic Lead for NPoCC, shares his insight and learning from being Commander of Operation Talla, the operational response to policing the pandemic.Nicole Higgins, Head of Profession for Engagement and Implementation at the College of Policing, describes leading the team that produced advice and briefings for the police response to the pandemic.Timestamps0:50 Sgt Riz Dala1:58 Refs - policing term for food3:00 More about handling calls during the pandemic Janice Stanford-Eyre, Essex Police7:52 Arrest and other positive action approaches10:29 COVID-19 resources10:57 What is a support bubble?18:49 Supt Hannah Wheeler QPM19:55 Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS)20:14 National Police Coordination Centre21:09 Public Health England23:26 Royal Logistics Corp24:08 More about impostor syndrome or access support26:09 Public Sector Transformation Awards 202126:26 Queen's Police Medal27:38 ACC Owen Weatherill29:39 Protection of life40:15 Nicole Higgins46:50 Secondary legislation49:10 National Police Chiefs' Council51:15 college.police.uk51:19 @CollegeofPolice