College of Europe Podcast (Bruges)


The empire that never was. A global History perspective on European integration.

Season 2, Ep. 1

For this first episode, we will listen to a conference given by the European General Studies Programme in the framework of their Conference Series "Global Europe in the Real New Millenium. The EG interdisciplinary dialogue on European integration in the post-pandemic world". This conference series was set up by Prof. Didier Georgakakis, the European General Studies coordinator at the College of Europe.


The aim of the conference series is to initiate an interdisciplinary dialogue with leading intellectuals on the future of European societies and potential changes currently occurring. Today, the global pandemic we have just experienced seems to represent a turning point that has been described as the new real millennium. The profound consequences of the pandemic, after a series of successive crises in the years 2000-2010, may represent a major turning point for European integration. 


In this talk, Prof. Patrick Pasture, a History professor at KU Leuven & Prof. Wolfram Kaiser, Visiting professor at the College of Europe, will analyse what can history teach us about the current dynamics and potential future implications for European integration. The conference was entitled: “The empire that never was. A Global History perspective on European integration”.

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