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The College of Europe (Bruges) is starting a podcast series in which the college community will discuss different aspects of European Affairs and more. This podcast series is an opportunity to open the content of some of

Publications at the College of Europe #6

Jeanne Mouton, Academic Assistant in the ECO department talks about her research field: law & economics of the private enforcement of competition in digital markets. She also gives an explanation of her different publications. MOUTON, Jeanne      Privacy and competition law: Is there a room for private enforcement?      2020    Concurrences PaperMOUTON Jeanne       Private enforcement of privacy breaches from Big Tech Companies under the GDPR, Competition law provisions and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: substitutable or complementary legal grounds? 13    2021    IBCI      Chapter in a book following a conferenceMOUTON Jeanne       Psychological biases of users of social networking platforms and innovation decision-making processes             2022    ESKA   Chapter in a book following a conferenceMOUTON Jeanne, REED Lewis            Following the Google Shopping Judgment, Should We Expect a Private Enforcement Action?             2022    Oxford Academic        PaperTo be published soon (mentioned in the podcast): MOUTON Jeanne    The challenges for private enforcement of anticompetitive conducts in digital markets           2022    YARS publication, following a conference with the Jean Monet Network of enforcement of EU law, co-organised with the University of Warsaw and the University of Bocconi