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Supergirl vs. Flash! Hasbro/Mattel Merger?! - News Bite 02/06/15

The Flash is coming to Supergirl! Mattel and Hasbro might merge to form the mighty MASBO! The new DOOM remake trailer is JUICY! MacGuyver reboot! Ghostbusters remake news... but where's the actual trailer?! On the web:

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  • Fan Entitlement: Geeks Gone Bad!

    Fans can be jerks. Prompted by Joss Whedon's exodus from Twitter, in this episode we talk about fan entitlement, and how fans of movies, TV and comics are not just more invested in shows than they've ever been, but they tend to take that fandom to extremes by making unreasonable demands of creators. Can you love a thing TOO much? Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: This episode is brought to you in part by POP Comics at Read comics for free on your mobile device today!
  • Stranger Things Season 2 Theories!

    Poor Barb! Let's talk about the new "it" show, Netflix's 'Stranger Things.' We're completely in love with it, and discuss our thoughts on Season 1 and the possibilities of a second season. Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Stitcher: This episode is brought to you in part by POP Comics at Read comics for free on your mobile device today!
  • Ghostbusters New Trailer Reaction!

    Love it or hate it, there's a new Ghostbusters team coming your way this summer. Who you gonna call? We do a He Said / She Said style review of the trailer and debate the merits (and groan worthy) moments of what we've seen so far! Does the power of Patty compel you? One the web:
  • Pacific Rim 2! More D&D?! - News Bite 02/25/15

    Pacific Rim 2 is being released! It's about time! Then, we talk about another live-action Dungeons & Dragons movie -- did anybody actually want this?! While we're at it, let's talk about "Dice Shaming!" Also -- more Deadpool, and more announcements of R-Rated superhero movies! Doctor Who removed from Netflix, but is returning to Amazon Prime! Female stormtrooper armor that would make Captain Phasma proud! 90s nostalgia kicks into gear with Fuller House and Baywatch... the movie!? Our website: Twitter: Facebook: On YouTube:
  • Deadpool. Deadpool? DEADPOOL! - - News Bite 02/07/15

    Deadpool is EVERYWHERE! Viacom announces a TV takeover by everybody's favorite merc with a mouth. And what about a Deadpool / Betty White crossover? THAT would be epic! Then we move on to talk about DC Comics' Rebirth plans, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the new season of the X-files! Also, is comic book Starfire a space whore? Why can't she be like the Teen Titans cartoon?! Our website: Twitter: Facebook: On YouTube:
  • Scooby-Doo Redux is EXTREME! - News Bite 01/29/15

    DC Comics is rebooting Scooby-Doo and several other classic Hanna-Barbera properties. But... they're a little EXTREME. From an "edgy" Scooby Doo to a photorealistic Flintstones to a completely wacked out Wacky Races featuring Mad Max style vehicles... is this a good idea? We also talk about graphic novels coming to Walmart, and Darth Vader making an appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One. You'll always be Matt to us, Kylo Ren! On the web:
  • Star Trek: Where No Fans Have Been Sued Before - Episode #32

    Legal smackdown! Crowdfunded fan film project Star Trek: Axanar is slapped with a lawsuit by Paramount on Christmas Day. Did this Kickstarter campaign blur the line between "fan art" and outright IP theft? Is there a difference? We talk about that, as well as the legality of Artist Alley "fan art" prints and more! On the web:
  • HBO and Sesame Street. And Comic Books?! - Episode #31

    Somebody has to pay for people to make entertainment. If it's not the consumer, then it's the creator, advertising or other funding sources. Today we're talking about how it's not "selling out" if the alternative is to go off the air or out of print. We equate the recent HBO deal with Sesame Street with comic books and how Marvel and DC have aligned themselves with major corporations to ensure their survival! We also discuss the "Fair Page Rates" and talk about Thom's near brush with The Real World -- this is the true story! Music: Dan O / Epidemic Sound