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Q2: Building Stronger Financial Communities

Lou Senko has a 20+ year career leading the architectural design, development, implementation, and integration of enterprisewide solutions to meet global business, financial, and market demands. He is skilled in building, integrating, optimizing and expanding enterprise technologies, teams and processes to achieve compliance, reduce costs, and enable growth. Lou is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council, and previously held the position of Director of Technology for the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

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Telemedicine Revolution Will Rock Your World

“Sadin on Digital” episodes explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. Wayne Sadin and I focus on digital transformation, and what it means to put technology first. Today, we look at Wayne’s suggestions across various industries of what it means to put your product, your culture, and your market – and what your business is going to look like.In this episode, Wayne and I discuss how “horizontal” subways and “vertical” elevators are going to fall from favor. It’s a lot easier and for some, less stressful to take a bus, a private car – or even a bicycle. Wayne predicts that people are going to move away from big cities like New York, San Francisco, Paris, London – and move into the suburbs and exurbs.Most of Wayne’s clients have worked from the home environment pretty seamlessly; business as usual. A lot of executives who said, “Never, I’m not going to put up with it,” are now realizing it may not be so bad.We also explore how telemedicine is revolutionizing the industry. You can sit in front of a screen and a doctor is monitoring your smartwatch, smart ring, arm sensor, implanted insulin device – and all that telemetry and edge computing and IoT is now feeding back to a sensor suite.Also in this episode:·Why are we running out of toilet paper?·We have more sensors, IoT, edge computing, and robotics, than there ever were before·Why a doctor in Texas can’t treat a patient in Oklahoma·People dying of COVID-19 also have heart problems, obesity, smoking, and other comorbidities