Closing The_Gap



Season 2, Ep. 1

It is said that our brains only remember things in three ways:

  • Through highly emotional connection, like deep joy or deep trauma
  • Through repetitiveness over a long period of time
  •  Through photos

When one of these ways isn’t available, the memory will fade and eventually get archived, deleted from consciousness. We only remember our lives through one of these “anchors”

Unfortunately, when photos are simply digital files, they’re hardly ever looked at, and often end up lost, deleted, or corrupted. Even when we save photos on a cloud service, that’s where they end up: literally on a cloud, far away, forgotten. If we don’t print them, it’s very likely that we won’t see them again.

Eyewitness is an opinion campaign, spearheaded by our own Fabrizia Costa, to raise awareness about the importance of printing your photos.

Ugo and Fabrizia are back on the podcast to discuss this.

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