cover art for Ep.10 CLICK FOR MURDER: Michael Roberts

Click For Murder

Ep.10 CLICK FOR MURDER: Michael Roberts

When Vicky and Michaels relationship ends due to his infidelity with women he met online, he throttles her to death, wrapping her body in sheets and hiding it in the garage.

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  • Ep.9 CLICK FOR MURDER: Sammy Almahri

    Nadine Aburas met millionaire businessman Sammy Almahri on a dating site. When the relationship turns sour, Almahri murders her in a hotel room.
  • Ep.4 CLICK FOR MURDER: Joshua Davies

    After Joshua Davies splits with his girlfriend, he posts messages on social media saying that he wants to kill her. Egged on by others, he commits the murder.
  • Ep.7 CLICK FOR MURDER: Stephen Port

    Stephen Port poisoned and murdered four men whom hed met on gay dating sites. He is suspected of six further counts of poisoning and seven of rape against another eight men.
  • Ep.6 CLICK FOR MURDER: Tony Bushby

    Tony Bushby used fake Facebook accounts to gain the trust of Katie Briscoe. After murdering her, he attempted to blame the murder on one of the fictitious profiles.
  • Ep.5 CLICK FOR MURDER: Brian Lewis

    When Brian Lewis relationship with his girlfriend began to fall apart, he became jealous of her Facebook activity, resulting in her vicious murder.
  • Ep.4 CLICK FOR MURDER: The Murder of Sofyen Belamouadde

    Sofyen Belamouadden was beaten and stabbed in a frantic attack by a gang at a train station. The two gangs used social media to arrange the attack, and to recruit troops and weapons.
  • Ep.3 CLICK FOR MURDER: Stefano Brizzi

    Stefano Brizzi met Gordon Semple online. After arranging to meet, Brizzi strangled him, and set about trying to dissolve Semples body in a bathtub of acid.
  • Ep.2 CLICK FOR MURDER: George Appleton

    Claire Wood met George Appleton on a dating site. When she ended the relationship, he harassed her, eventually strangling her and setting her body on fire.