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Veteran Owned Company is Creating More Jobs in the US

Navigating the military transition and deciding what is next for your career trajectory is not a simple answer - it requires asking and answering insightful questions for yourself and your family about what kind of work / life balance you prefer, if location is imperative, salaries needed to live comfortably, and what you actually enjoy doing.

Sometimes working in a security clearance career is a prospect. And sometimes being your own boss as an entrepreneur is the best decision you can make.

Dean Wegner, who attended West Point and served in the U.S. Army as a Captain - Helicopter Pilot and Army Ranger - joins the podcast to talk about how he married two missions very important to him after service: creating jobs in the U.S. and being his own boss.

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  • Clearance Casanova - Why Your Clearance is a Dating Credential You Shouldn't Lead With

    A good date is hard to find - and in this environment, you really have to lead with all of your cards. But if your security clearance is the best thing you have going for you and you're looking to leverage it to get a date - you may want to think again. The honeypot scheme is still successful at getting some clearance holders to disclose information they shouldn't - particularly with foreign nationals. Lindy Kyzer and Sean Bigley discuss how not all is fair in love - assuming you want to get or keep a clearance.
  • Patriotic Movies in Honor of the USA's Bday Month

    In honor of the United States of America's birthday month, we test our PR and Partnership Manager's knowledge on five patriotic movies to add to your watch list this summer.
  • CUI Rules for NIST

    Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) implementation and oversight is barreling toward government agencies and contractors alike. CUI aims to help companies better protect the numerous information that may be sensitive, but not classified. Victoria Pillitteri, manager of the security engineering and risk management group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) joins the show to discuss CUI and new implementation guidance offered by NIST.
  • 1 in 3 Hiring Managers Knowingly Ask Illegal Questions During The Hiring Process

    According to recent survey results, 32% of hiring managers admit they knowingly ask illegal questions. 3 in 5 regularly ask about a candidate’s identity during hiring process, 56% regularly illegally inquire about job seekers’ family (i.e., pregnancy, marital status) , half ask illegal health, disability status questions, and 62% inquire about prior salary. With 12+ years of experience as a career counselor, coach, and strategist, Julia Toothacre provides a diverse perspective on career development, and joins the podcast to talk about these astounding survey results.
  • Can I Get Sued for Reporting a Security Issue?

    Scared of getting sued? Some employers or security clearance holders may fear reporting issues they see because they're afraid of lawsuits. If you hold a security clearance, however, you have reporting requirements and should carefully consider how you report things appropriately. If you haven't lied about what you report, you shouldn't be concern. But the possibility of a lawsuit should make you think twice of carrying out a vendetta by reporting false information - because that could result in both a lawsuit, and an employment issue.
  • Clearance Loss, the Comic Anti Hero, and Job Search Tips

    The last month at ClearanceJobs news highlights where security clearance and career advice topic intersect. The Content Team drills down on some of the top read news headlines last month.Simple Ways You Can Lose Your Security ClearanceBelow are five simple ways you might accidentally jeopardize your security clearance — and tips on how to prevent them.Giving your debt the cold shoulder.Keeping your foreign travel a secret from your FSO.Keeping the security violations song your singing on repeat.Maintaining a foreign relationship under the radar.Having a side hustle that is top secret.Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen: The Last Stand of Doctrine ManAfter 16 great years, ClearanceJobs contributor Steve Leonard (and the creative force behind America’s favorite comic anti-hero, Doctrine Man) decided to sunset the project. “Like the Far Side creator, I was never quite comfortable with the attention the comic brought and generally preferred anonymity when I could manage it. For years, that meant maintaining a Clark Kent-like persona; I didn’t advertise myself as the face behind the comic, but anyone who looked hard enough could figure it out.”Steve plans to spend his brain power doing other things...stay tuned.Tips from Booz Allen’s Military Recruiting TeamBooz Allen Hamilton can assist service members as they transition from the military to their next opportunity. They have a dedicated military recruiting team to help folks find a new home at the company. By engaging with their hiring teams, you can land yourself a job, or use the skills learned through the process even further down the line in your career.No Technical Background? How to Pivot to a Career in CybersecurityIt’s a common question with the demand for cybersecurity talent: “How do I pivot when I don’t have a background that relates?”The Hacker in Heels organization is dedicated to supporting women in cybersecurity by offering resources, training, and networking opportunities. Through providing courses, mentorship, and fostering a supportive community, these initiatives aim to dismantle obstacles and promote inclusivity within the tech sector.This podcast episode will teach you what you need to do to get your foot in the door, and the experience the Hacker in Heels founders sometimes had being the only women in the room.
  • Grandma Wants to Go to China

    Foreign influence is one of the adjudicative guidelines that regularly creates issues for clearance applicants. It's not just the applicant themselves, many fear how their relatives or family members could affect their clearance eligibility.
  • Unlocking the Future of Geospatial Intelligence at Penn State with Greg Thomas

    Discover the future of geospatial intelligence with Greg Thomas from Penn State on this week's podcast! He discusses industry evolution, data challenges, and educational opportunities.Learn more about Geospatial Intelligence programs at Penn State here.
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    Are you fully utilizing the capabilities of as a job seeker? Survey says likely not. Tune in to this podcast where we give you the nuts and bolts of navigating CJ.