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How Surveillance Balloons May Point to Cyber Espionage

The great spy balloon freakout: from January 28th to February 4th, 2023, a Chinese operated high altitude balloon was seen across North America, so entered North America through Alaska, went through Western Canada, was shot down on the East Coast. And we've had several other strange unidentified objects in US airspace. And I saw recently that Russia is also operating these spy balloons and they're being shot down over Ukraine with that conflict.

While there currently isn't a connection between the balloon and cybersecurity concerns, intelligence experts believe it demonstrates how China is ramping up their espionage tools and gathering intelligence, which could potentially lead to cyber-attacks aimed at US critical infrastructure.

Senior VP of Security, Michael McNerney, has an extensive background in threat intelligence and spent a lot of his career with these types of threats in mind.

McNerney is a part of a ransomware task force, a working group of government and private industry leaders brought together by the White House.

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