Clean Thinking


Refresh: Group exercise – can it really help us relax?

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to the Clean Thinking Podcast, brought to you by MIRA Showers.

In this episode, we find out how to exercise – specifically group exercise – can help reduce stress and benefit relaxation. Marcus Kingwell, the CEO of Exercise Move Dance – the national governing body for group exercise – reveals how we can shift our thinking when it comes to motivating ourselves and the benefit of exercise.

If you’ve ever hit the pillow and your brain has started running through everything you don’t need to think about… this episode is for you.

“Like everybody, I get stressed. There is stuff that comes through working and living and family life which from time to time you think is quite overwhelming – and there are lots of different ingredients to sorting stress of which exercise is one. It’s part of the suite of tools to help with wellness.”


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