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Bonnington Square (Part 2)

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this second part of our Bonnington Square episode, we discover how the neighbourhood and community evolved from the late 1980s until today. We speak to Claire, Camila, Amparo and Yair, whose paths crossed Bonnington Square at different times. Their personal stories tell the recent history of the area, the benefits of housing co-ops and the threat posed by property developers.

Never had a chance to visit Bonnington Square? Discover the neighbourhood through our selection of pictures HERE.


Theme song is Highway 94 by Blue Dot Sessions

All music composed by Blue Dot Sessions

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  • 2. Bonnington Square (Part 1)

    Bonnington Square is a little urban oasis, tucked away in Vauxhall. This unique London neighbourhood was completely transformed by a community of squatters who settled there in the 1980s. At one point, there was over 300 people squatting in the area. They created a community café, a food cooperative, a milk bar and even a nightclub.In the first part of this Bonnington Square episode, we talk to Tod, James and Alistair, three squatters who were part of this community.Never been to Bonnington Square? Here is a selection of photos.Sources & referencesBonnington Square Documentary by Alistair OldhamVauxhall Conservation Area including Bonnington SquareRed Ken Gets the Blues - Documentary Music:Theme song is Highway 94 by Blue Dot SessionsOther music composed by Blue Dot Sessions.
  • 1. The Oval Gasholder

    The Oval Gasholder is one of the most iconic remnants of the industrial revolution in South London. Built in 1877, it has witnessed the development of Kennington and has provided a magnificent backdrop to thousands of cricket matches played at the Oval.In this first episode of Citybytes, we take a brief look at the history of the Gasholder and find out how a local resident saved it from planned demolition.Never seen the famous Gasholder? Here is a selection of pictures.Sources & references:Fight for the Ashes - Final Test at The Oval (1953)Historic England - No 1 gasholder, Kennington Lane Gasholder StationTheme song:Blue Dot Sessions - Highway 94