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Proverbial #100: Gravity Always Wins

The 100th episode of Proverbial is devoted to the greatest proverb of all time. No big deal. 

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  • Proverbial #103: Grace Kelly

    People often say that Jackson Pollock's work is "actually quite good." No one ever says this about Rembrandt, though. No "actually" is necessary. Wonder why? Joshua Gibbs looks into it.
  • Proverbial #102: My Sparkling Personality

    Do you know what you bring to the table? You've got to. Joshua Gibbs explains.
  • Proverbial #99: Problems

    Who would send a boy to do a man's job? Joshua Gibbs investigates.
  • Proverbial #98: Giving the Devil His Due

    You may have actually figured out a few things that your parents didn't understand. Don't get cocky. Joshua Gibbs explains.
  • Proverbial #97: Self Help

    Is it better to find yourself, to lose yourself, or to be yourself? What if none of these really works? Joshua Gibbs explores.
  • Proverbial #96: Sick Fascination

    "Don't shoot the messenger" seems like obvious advice, so why are we even tempted to shoot poor, helpless messengers? We have our reasons, though. Joshua Gibbs explores. 
  • Proverbial #94: The Hours

    "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," although this episode is about an entirely different (every day) proverb.  
  • Proverbial #92: Family of Trees

    "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," but it's better this way. Joshua Gibbs explains why.