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REVISITED - The Dark Tower (2017) - The Need for Respecting Source Material and The Right Medium for a Story

Season 5

With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have gained popularity, audiences have become accustomed to consuming content in a serialized format. In order to maintain continuity with the original book series, movie adaptations must find a way to capture the essence of the story while appealing to this new trend of binge-watching. Whether it's through the release of a limited series or a series of films released in quick succession, maintaining continuity in book-to-movie adaptations is crucial.

Another challenge lies in the translation of written language to visual storytelling. Books often provide detailed descriptions and inner thoughts of characters, but movies rely primarily on visual and auditory cues to convey the story. Directors and screenwriters must find creative ways to convey a character's emotions, motivations, and relationships without relying solely on dialogue or voiceover narration. This requires a deep understanding of the source material and the ability to make strategic adaptations without sacrificing the heart of the story.

Ultimately, the goal of a book-to-movie adaptation is to bring the story to a wider audience while staying true to the original source material. It's a delicate balance that requires careful consideration and a deep respect for the story and its fans. With the right approach and a dedication to maintaining continuity, book-to-movie adaptations can be successful and beloved by both die-hard fans and new audiences alike.


What stands out about The Dark Tower by Stephen King is the level of detail and intricate storytelling that sets the series apart from many modern books. So, when a beloved book series like The Dark Tower is adapted into a movie, fans often hold their breath, hoping that the film will do justice to their favorite characters and storylines. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In the case of the Dark Tower series, the movie adaptation fails to capture the essence of the books.


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    The film 'Suspiria' has captivated audiences for decades, and in 2018, director Luca Guadagnino took on the challenge of remaking Dario Argento's cult classic. But how does the remake compare to the original? In this podcast, we delve into the similarities, differences, and critical opinions surrounding these two films. From the tone and aesthetics to the plot twists and feminist themes, we explore what worked and what missed the mark in both versions of 'Suspiria.' Whether you're a fan of the original or curious about the remake, join us as we dissect this thrilling and controversial franchise.Dancing is more than just movement and rhythm. In the movie Suspiria, we see how dance can be portrayed as a form of magic. When Suzy, the newbie in the dance group, showcases her skills, Madame Blanc, the leader of the coven, sees her potential. There seems to be a spell or essence of Suspiria bestowed upon her, as her hands and feet glow during the dance. It's fascinating to see how the filmmakers have researched and created a magic system centered around dance. Your body, your movements, become the source of your magic. The scene is intense and powerful, showcasing the structure and rawness of their magic.The realism portrayed in the dance scenes is both unsettling and captivating. Unlike the stylized gore in the original Suspiria, we are presented with contorted bodies and gruesome movements that feel disturbingly real. The filmmakers intended to make it seem visceral and authentic, and they succeeded. The scene where Dakota Johnson's character Suzy dances while Olga's body is destroyed is unforgettable. It leaves a strong impact and, for some, may be hard to watch. The mixture of admiration for the artistry and discomfort adds to the overall experience of the movie. Whether you love or hate it, you can't deny the power of the dance scenes in the Suspiria remake.----------Connect with Ali on X.----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram:
  • 32. #132 - RUB (2023) - Giving a Voice to the Marginalized and a Portrait of Instability

    In the world of filmmaking, there are stories that touch us on a surface level, and then there are those that dive deep into the complexities of the human experience. 'Rub' falls into the latter category, delving into the lives of outcasts and addressing misconceptions surrounding the term 'incel.' This film takes a unique and bold approach to storytelling, challenging the audience's expectations and leaving a lasting impact.The character of Neil, portrayed by the talented Micah, serves as an unlikely hero, representing the struggles many individuals face in finding love and friendship. Viewers are surprised by Neil's character development, expecting him to become a violent menace. Instead, his journey takes a different route as he navigates his insecurities and loneliness, ultimately finding love amidst the struggles of two outcasts.But 'Rub' doesn't stop at exploring the lives of outcasts. It bravely tackles the harsh reality of human trafficking and sex work, shedding light on the experiences of women trapped in this dangerous world. Through the character of Perla, the film creates awareness and gives a voice to those who have suffered in similar situations. It's a powerful narrative that challenges societal norms and raises important questions.One of the standout elements of 'Rub' is its unconventional and bold ending. This film doesn't adhere to the typical Hollywood formula; instead, it takes risks and defies expectations. The ending leaves audiences thinking and reflecting long after the credits roll, much like A24's Uncut Gems. Both films share a common theme of challenging traditional storytelling and making an impact that lingers.Creating ambiguity and encouraging audience interpretation was a deliberate intention of the filmmaker behind 'Rub.' By allowing viewers to come up with their own meanings and interpretations, the film sparks deeper engagement and discussion. It's a refreshing departure from spoon-feeding the audience and invites them to become active participants in the viewing experience.From the success and recognition in the festival circuit to the dedication and performances of its cast and crew, 'Rub' has made a mark in the world of cinema. Its ability to tackle heavy subject matter in a subtle yet impactful way resonates with audiences, distinguishing it as a standout film. If you're seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally charged movie that defies expectations, 'Rub' is a must-watch.----------Watch RUB now on Amazon Prime.Connect with Actress Jennifer Figuereo on Instagram.Connect with Actor Micah Spayer on Instagram.Connect with Director Christopher Fox on Instragram.----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram:
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    On this episode of The Cinedicate, we are air dropped into one of the most beloved action movies of all time - Predator. Join us as we not only talk about the legacy of this film, but also how it challenges the idea of masculinity, explores the fear of an invisible enemy during the Cold War, and the powerful symbolism behind this sci-fi thriller. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a thrilling journey into the heart of this cinematic masterpiece.Predator subverts the traditional theme of masculinity in a subtle yet powerful way. One surprising fact is that originally, they had cast Van Damme to play the Predator. However, they realized that his smaller stature didn't fit the imagery they wanted for domineering image of The Predator. Instead, they went with Kevin Michael Hall, who brought a towering presence to the role. When standing over Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, the Predator reduces Arnold Schwarzenegger to just a man, despite his larger-than-life status. This dramatic contrast emphasizes the superior strength and dominance of the Predator, making the threat feel more believable.As the story unfolds, the characters are stripped of their weapons, making them vulnerable to the Predator's hunt. This is most evident when Carl Weathers' character engages in a face-off with the alien. Despite his invincible appearance, the Predator effortlessly removes Carl's arm with just one shot. This scene drives home the message that muscles and weapons mean nothing to the Predator. The vulnerability of the characters highlights the power and superiority of the predator, making this movie truly special.----------Listen to Aaron and Todd on their podcast, WSTR: Galactic Public Access----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram:
  • 30. #130 - Idiocracy - The Cyclical Nature of Satire and Its Relevance Today

    In a future where corporations reign supreme, "Idiocracy" paints a terrifying picture of what could happen if society devolves into mindless consumerism. In this world, Taco Bell has its own bank and supermarket, while Costco is transformed into a university. However, perhaps the most alarming aspect is the extreme dumbing down of the population. People have become so unintelligent that they use ropes to hold up falling buildings, and the average person speaks in a combination of hillbilly and valley girl accents. It's a bleak look at a future where intelligence and critical thinking have been abandoned in favor of mindless entertainment consumption.While "Idiocracy" definitely has its moments, it's fair to say that it didn't quite reach the same level of success as Mike Judge's previous hit, "Office Space." The beginning of the film is strong, setting a hilarious and satirical tone, but as the story progresses, it loses some of its comedic impact. Some argue that the humor hasn't aged well, as it relies heavily on outdated stereotypes and offensive language. It's a shame, considering how relatable and well-executed "Office Space" was. Perhaps "Idiocracy" can be seen as a sophomore slump for Judge...----------Listen to Hector on his podcast, ReShoot: An Amateur's Guide to Gooder Film----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram: