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#106 - Mulholland Drive - A Deep Dive into David Lynch's Freudian Fever Dream

Season 5, Ep. 6

On this episode of The Cinedicate, cinephiles, genre lovers, and fans of David Lynch sit down to discuss arguably Lynch's best works - Mulholland Drive.

Gathered around the cinematic roundtable, we dive deep into what makes this film the archetypical David Lynch film along with it's cultural impact. We also attempt to decipher what this film is all about from the more conventional theories to the more outlandish takes on the film.

Mulholland Drive is a dream-like film that centers around a beautiful dark-haired actress who survives a car crash and becomes an amnesiac. After stumbling across Los Angeles famous landmarks like Sunset Blvd, she comes across Betty. A Midwestern women who is trying to make a big break in Hollywood. As their relationship continues, not is all that it seems as the truth becomes apparent to both the characters and the viewer.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

#120 - Beetlejuice (1988) - The Charm and Significance of Horror Aimed Towards a Younger Audience

Season 5, Ep. 20
The word "Beetlejuice" has become almost synonymous with the horror genre, much like how saying "Candyman" three times would invite the titular character. It's a fan-favorite classic that's been around for decades and has definitely influenced numerous horror movies since. Joining this episode is Rainier, the creative mind behind Horror4Kids, a horror account dedicated to highlighting the art of showcasing the genre of horror to a younger audience. Beetlejuice perfectly fits into the category of being kid-friendly horror with an edge.The movie provided an excellent balance of horror and comedy that was geared towards younger audiences, but still enjoyable for adults. It brought out spooky themes and was the kid version of Candyman that even kids could handle, thus inching the horror genre towards what it is today. With today's technology, it would be great to see a sequel or a remake of Beetlejuice, something that's more mind-blowing and electrifying. We're hoping to witness the possibility of snakes in Saturn, something that would undoubtedly make a superb addition to the movie's legacy.----------Follow Horror4Kids on Twitter----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram:
Tuesday, May 16, 2023

#119 - Touch of Evil (1958) - Film Censorship in the 20th Century and Breaking Away From Traditional Storytelling

Season 5, Ep. 19
The world of cinema has seen many innovations in its short history, from the birth of sound to the rise of CGI. But behind every great film is a story of the creative process, and the struggles filmmakers face to bring their vision to the screen. In this podcast, we explore a few different aspects of filmmaking and film history, from the innovations of director Orson Welles to the impact of the Hayes Code on the industry. Join us as Mike and Diego return to also take a closer look at the importance of the director's cut and whether classic films like Touch of Evil can still be enjoyed in contemporary times.----------The Touch of Evil is a classic film noir that tells the story of a corrupt cop, Hank Quinlan, who plants evidence to frame innocent suspects. The movie is directed by Orson Welles, who also stars as Quinlan, and is known for its stunning opening shot, which is a three-minute long tracking shot that sets up the premise of the movie.The film has a lot of themes and subplots that explore power, corruption, and justice. The conversation on The Cinedicate centers around the movie's cinematography, genre, and storytelling. Mike, an avid cinephile, explains how he got into film noir and was interested in finding a unique take on the genre. He was fascinated with how film noir built its own ecosystem and found films like The Touch of Evil and The Third Man innovative in their approach to the genre.Diego, the genre lover, had never seen an Orson Welles movie before and was impressed with how well Welles portrayed a corrupt cop. The conversation goes on to discuss the movie's other themes and characters, including its portrayal of minorities and female characters. The podcast hosts encourage listeners to watch the movie, dive into its themes, and appreciate the storytelling techniques employed by Welles.Overall, The Touch of Evil is a classic film that has influenced many other directors and movies and is still relevant today in its exploration of power and corruption. The podcast conversation does a great job of highlighting the movie's strengths and encourages listeners to watch it and appreciate its innovations.----------Support The Cinedicate on PatreonConnect with The Cinedicate on these social platforms!Instagram: