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Governing AI – India’s Opportunity to Lead ft Brad Smith

Season 1, Ep. 10

Brad Smith, Co-chair, Task Force on Tech, Innovation and R&D; Vice Chair and President, Microsoft Corp, USA discusses how India can lead the way in crafting ethical frameworks, innovative policies and collaborative strategies that harness the full potential of AI, while safeguarding the rights, values, and aspirations of its citizens and the world at large. He is in discussion with Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chair, Task Force on Technology, Innovation and R&D; Chairman, Axilor Ventures & Co-Founder, Infosys India.

What is the biggest opportunity that the AI wave brings for people in the G20 countries and beyond? How should countries, society, and organizations leverage this new technology for building guardrails for the future? As India undergoes a rapid digital transformation, what can it do in the field of AI for itself and for the Global South?

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  • 6. Crafting Spaces - The Art of Interior Architecture & Design ft Jabeen Zacharias

    n the sixth episode of the Design Talk Series, Jabeen Zacharias, Principal Architect, Jabeen Zacharia and Past President, Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) highlights the importance of integrating interior design practices and design thinking processes for greater impact in the society. She is in conversation with Prof Preetha Ravi Sree, Associate Dean, Pearl Academy.What can be done to nurture and encourage young talent aspiring to pursue interior architecture & design as a profession? Considering India's diverse climatic zones, how can sustainable interior design practices, tailored to local conditions, pave the way for global leadership in eco-conscious architecture?
  • 111. Digital Transformation of Indian MSMEs: The Road Ahead ft Gautam Aggarwal

    Gautam Aggarwal, Division President, South Asia & Country Corporate Officer, India, Mastercard talks about the fast-evolving digital landscape for MSMEs in India and its impact on the future of the sector.What challenges do Indian MSMEs face in adopting digital technologies? How can MSMEs leverage e-commerce platforms to expand their market reach?
  • 110. Future of Globalisation: Challenges for Indian Industry ft Amitabh Kant

    Amitabh Kant, G20 India Sherpa highlights why Indian businesses must focus on gaining a competitive edge in the international market by embracing latest technologies, fostering innovation and adopting sustainable practices to meet global standards at the CII Annual Business Summit 2024, held in New Delhi on 17-18 May.What role can Indian industries play in shaping global economic policies that support sustainable and inclusive growth? How can Indian industries leverage globalization to enhance their global competitiveness while mitigating the risks associated with increasing protectionism?
  • 5. Designing for Tomorrow : How is AI shaping the future of Design? ft Prof Suresh Sethi

    In the fifth episode of the Design Talk Series, Prof Suresh Sethi, Professor of Industrial Design, School of Art & Design, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign highlights how emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are transforming the design landscape. He is in conversation with Prof Venkatesh Varala, Assistant Professor, Department of Interaction Design, School of UPES. What can young designers expect from new technologies such as generative AI? How can the integration of AI improve creativity in design projects?
  • 109. Charting a Course for India@100 ft Ajay Piramal

    Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Enterprises Limited discusses how a holistic model aimed at sustainable and inclusive growth accelerate India’s journey towards a developed India@100 at the CII Annual Business Summit 2024, held in New Delhi on 17-18 May.What role can private enterprise play in driving India's growth and development over the next 25 years? What are the key areas that Indian businesses should focus on to ensure sustainable growth in the long term? How can India unlock and strengthen its socioeconomic potential?
  • 108. Co-Creating the Future Responsibly: The Role of Business ft Dr V Anantha Nageswaran

    Dr V Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India highlights the role of businesses in driving advancements in technology, efficiency & innovation, while steering the economy towards more sustainable and equitable outcomes at the CII Annual Business Summit 2024, held in New Delhi on 17-18 May. What are the key strategies businesses can employ to co-create a sustainable and responsible future? How can businesses balance profit-making objectives with their responsibilities towards environmental sustainability, social equity, and ethical governance?
  • 107. Building Trust Between Businesses & Society ft Azim Premji

    Azim Premji, Founder Chairman, Wipro Ltd highlights the role of businesses in uplifting society at the CII Annual Business Summit 2024, held in New Delhi on 17-18 May.Why are ethics and integrity important for businesses and how do they impact the society as a whole? What can businesses do to build a more just, sustainable and equitable society?
  • 4. Blending Creativity and Tech for Future-Proofing Design Careers ft Prof Vijay Kumar

    In the fourth episode of the Design Talk Series, Prof Vijay Kumar, Professor - IIT Institute of Design, Chicago shares insights on how integrating design and design thinking process create greater impact in the society. He is in conversation with Manas Ranjan Mishra, Professor, School of Design, UPES.How can the integration of design and emerging technologies lead to better innovation and creativity in design projects?
  • 106. Fostering Innovation- Spotlight on India's Thriving Tech Ecosystem ft Sacha Wunsch-Vincent

    Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, Co-Editor, Global Innovation Index & Head, Section, Economics and Statistics Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) talks about the evolving innovation landscape in India and across the world, while highlighting the emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies that are propelling it. What are India’s strengths in terms of Innovation and what are the key emerging technologies that it should focus on? How can India ensure inclusive innovation that benefits all sections of the society?