Chicago by Night

Join us as we follow a group of five fledgling Vampires as they try to traverse the World of Darkness on the mean streats of a dark and distorted Chicago.

Will they be able to hold on to their precious mortality or will they give in to the Beast and delve deep into the dark decadent ways of the Kindred?

Chicago by Night is a Vampire: The Masquerade actual play podcast produced by Fateful Fumble. Inspired by the rpg published by White Wolf publishing.

We also produce a Dragon Age rpg actual play podcast titled The Kestrels where our players act as agents of the Inquisition in the world of Thedas.


The CbN podcast contains swearing, violence, ideological notions that may be offensive to some, drug and substance abuse, sexual and erotic elements and is NSFW! Parental discretion is advised!

Our characters actions and opinions do not reflect our own and should in no way be taken seriously by anyone!