Chewing the FAT


Episode 6

Season 1, Ep. 6

In the sixth episode of Chewing the FAT, Phil & Adam host special guest Alexis Brignoni l to discuss Coding, Community, & Collaborations plus we run through some of the recent Digital Forensics industry news along with the Faux Pas.

Digital Evidence & the Crime Scene

Paper by Graeme Horsman, exploring the concept of devices being "Digital witnesses", & methodologies & theories regarding scene examination.


Microsoft releases Linux version of Sysadmin


Samsung Power Off Reset Logs & iOS Tracking

Kevin Pagano, who produces the! While doing the Cellebrite CTF there was a question on Samsung phone battery life, & Kevin created a parser for ALEAPP to parse the power off log files.


Encouraging different perspectives in Digital Forensics


AFF4 Evidential Containers - explained by Magnet


Recognizing people in photos through private on-device machine learning - Apple


Brignoni on Teaching and Learning Python


Brignoni Blog & YouTube

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Friday, February 4, 2022

Episode 9

Season 1, Ep. 9
In episode number 9 of Chewing the FAT, Phil & Adam discuss ribbons, RabbitHoles and rock with special guest Alex Caithness plus we run through some of the recent Digital Forensics industry news along with the Faux Pas.Alex Caithness:Shouty Band Sailing Stones | LongFallBoots ( | CCL Solutions GroupCCL GitHub: Sink - YouTubeINDUSTRY NEWS:Microsoft Mitigate Record Breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS on Azure Customers: Graphics Card Fingerprints to Identify Web Users: Artifact Museum - Andrew Rathbun Github: ABX - Binary XML - Alex Caithness (with Alexis Brignoni and Josh Hickman): 12 - Snooping on Android 12's Privacy Dashboard - Josh Hickman: Airtags - Josh Hickman: on Android - Kevin Pagano: to Windows Registry Artifact Analysis - TryHackMe Walkthrough - TryHackMe (Joshua James - DFIR Science): Secret Calculator Vault - The Incidental Chew Toy: see YouTube for all other links: