Diane Chorley's Chatting With Chorley: The Podcast

Musical superstar Diane Chorley is back to reclaim her throne as Queen of light entertainment with a new-fangled podcast!

After serving some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a felony she’d rather not go into “right now”, the self-styled ‘Duchess of Canvey’ is back and catching up with pals old and new, some of whom were loyal regulars at her famed nightclub ‘The Flick’ back in the 1980’s; place where everyone was welcome, no matter who you were or who you loved and amongst its many claims to fame - a ‘light up dance floor so bright it made a young Shane Ritchie snow blind’.

For her first podcast series, as well as gorgeous interviews with guests including Sophie Ellis Bextor and Russell T Davies to name but a few and support from her musical sidekick Milky who’ll be on the buttons, we’ll be hearing a new track each episode from her debut album, Diane Chorley’s Greatest Hits, which will be available to download after the show drops each week.

She’ll also be dipping into her memoirs to tell us a little bit more about herself, the stories behind the music and how she made herself into the icon she is today. Who knew a podcast could contain so much joy!

‘Chatting with Chorley: The Podcast’ is the newest venture from Diane following sell out hit shows at the Soho Theatre and the Edinburgh Festival.

Chatting With Chorley: The Podcast is a Hat Trick Podcast