Chasing the Light


Chasing the Light: Ukraine

Ep. 1

8 months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a storytelling workshop takes place in partnership with America House in Kyiv. Joined by guests Professor Nick Cull, from the USC Center of Public Diplomacy, and Ed Bice, CEO of Meedan, follow along and meet the students as they learn the skills they need to capture their experiences in a one minute documentary-style format. Whether documenting Russian war crimes in Kharkiv, creating artist communities among refugees in Zurich, or working to preserve their culture under threat at home in Kyiv, everyone has a story to tell.

Resources shared by workshop students:

  • Follow the Kharkiv-based war crimes documentary group, Maidan.
  • Learn more about the #comebackalive initiative, subject of Iryna's video.
  • Follow Alina Kopytsa, Ilona's subject. A Ukrainian artist creating community among refugees in Zurich.
  • Explore the works in Nataliia's Kid's Creativity Museum.

Chasing the Light is brought to you by the One Minute Academy, and was produced and edited by Stephanie Lamond.