The Chase for 28


Yankees 2023 Team Preview and Predictions (3/29/23) - CF28-061

Ep. 61
Home Plate Highlights
  • Current Record: 0-0 (1st ALE)
  • Series: SF (0-0, 1st NLW)

2023 Yankees Roster Discussion

  • New Yankees: Anthony Volpe, Carlos Rodon, Jimmy Cordero

Unbalanced Schedule

  • BOS 6/9-6/10
  • HOU 8/3-8/6
  • @ NYM 6/13-6/14, NYM 7/25-7/26
  • ASG SEA 7/11
  • ALE: BOS (10-3), TB (8-5), TOR (8-5), BAL (10-3) / 13 / 52
  • 36-16 in Division

New Rules

Yankees announce Prime Video schedule (17 games)

Carlos Rodón feels encouraged after second bullpen session

Hitting it Out of the Park
  • Anthony Volpe
  • Watchung, N.J. The Yankees' first-round Draft pick (30th overall) in 2019, Volpe is about as homegrown as it gets, having grown up playing baseball on Manhattan's Upper East Side and eventually into one of the Garden State's better prospects of the last decade.
  • 275 G - ROOKIE (34), A/A+ (109), AA (110), AAA (22)
  • 1259 PA, 1044 AB, 218 R, 274 H, 77 2B, 13 3B, 50 HR, 162 RBI, 89 SB, 17 CS, 166 BB, 257 K, .263 BA, .376 OBP, .505 SLG
Out of the Park Picks
  • Opening Series - SF - 3/30-4/2
  • PHI 4/3-4/5
  • @ BAL 4/6-4/9

Chris says the Yankees will go 7-2

AJ says the Yankees will go 5-4

Down on the Farm

Oswaldo Peraza begins the season in AAA

Diamond Dispatch
  • Predictions: Chris/AJ
  • ALE: Yankees/Yankees
  • ALC: Twins/Guardians
  • ALW: Mariners/Astros
  • NLE: Mets/Mets
  • NLC: Cardinals/Cardinals
  • NLW: Padres/Dodgers
  • ALCS: Yankees/Astros
  • NLCS: Padres/Phillies
  • WS: Yankees/Astros
Yankee Baseball Brain Buster
  • This Yankee outfielder wore both 3 and 7. Two jersey numbers made famous by Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.
Bullpen Q&A

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

BONUS: Yankees Open Spring 2023 with Loss to Phillies (2/26/23)

Ep. 60
The New York Yankees played their first game of the season against the Philadelphia Phillies at BayCare Ballpark in Clearwater, Florida, over the weekend. Although they lost 7-4, many takeaways from the game were notable, including six in particular. Despite the introduction of new rules, including pitch clocks and shift restrictions, which are expected to change the game's dynamics, the Yankee's performance wasn't affected. The biggest highlight of the game was 20-year-old outfielder Jasson Dominguez, dubbed "The Martian," who hit a homer 420 feet to left-center field to lead off the fifth inning. Here are the five other takeaways from the game:First, Dominguez is the youngest player at big-league spring training for the Yankees and is considered the second-best prospect in the team's organization. Manager Aaron Boone praised Dominguez's understanding and ease of the strike zone, saying he has "no panic up there."Second, batters will need to adjust to the pitch clock, ensuring they're in the batter's box at the eight-second mark, and picking up signs from the third-base coach may prove challenging initially.Third, the pitch clock will make pitchers work faster on the mound, which will benefit infield defenses. Infielders will be more engaged than ever, and infield positioning will change.Fourth, Boone said there could be times when managers and umpires clash over the finer points of the new rules. There were some issues with the pitch clock resetting too soon during the game, which didn't give players enough time to get into their defensive positions.Fifth, infielders can no longer stand on the outfield grass due to shift restrictions, which might require some getting used to.Finally, despite Dominguez's impressive performance, he's focused on the task at hand and not on reaching the Bronx before the end of this season.